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Social Work is a Profession Based on Knowledge, Skills and Values - Term Paper Example

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Social work is described as a profession which seeks to help and provide care to social problems to the individuals, communities, groupings, and families. The social workers do so by focusing on the clients’ problems, while maintaining their identity in offering service, so it will be discussed inthis paper…
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Social Work is a Profession Based on Knowledge, Skills and Values
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Download file to see previous pages 6). It is therefore a career, which requires intense training, considering the difficult decisions involved while dealing with the client. A social worker would encounter different individuals, either adults or the young individuals in the service, which lead them to specialize in one of them. Values in the Profession The field of social work shows respects to every human being and puts into consideration the rights of social workers, and how they also respect other peoples’ rights in life. Basically, values represent the firmly held beliefs on how the society should conduct itself, as an individual or a collective gathering, indicating the preferred condition of life, and how the world should practically be. The social workers are guided by the profession’s values, which reflect those of the society in recognizing their rights to free choice and opportunity, and the preferred condition of life, which give a better perception in the way they should view and treat people in the society (Hepworth et al., 2010, p. 6). The social work profession should demonstrate increased sensitivity towards others, setting aside centered personal attitudes, but projecting into the peoples conditions without losing their identity, and the purpose to deliver in accordance to their role in the situation. For the members to reach their goals, they have to use the humanistic and religious values, which merge to match the societal values (Friedlander, 1976, p. 87). It is definitely not an easy thing, since the social worker may tend to deviate from the social understanding, being overwhelmed by impersonal judgment and attitude. It therefore needs the social worker to have a proper understanding of him or herself, and the social...
This paper stresses that sociology equips the worker with knowledge as to why people behave the way they do, understanding the cause before the consequence, providing a wider perspective of the social life and its changes. By instigating individuals or groups interaction in a social setting, the worker generates new ideas that could be applied in social situations, while establishing a platform to critically analyze the existing problem. For the social policies, the worker has to adjust to their difference in distinguished communities, to reasonably deliver the service. The knowledge of social policies is wide and the different social rules can be understood easily, through research and association. Human behavior and social organizations knowledge expound the knowledge on social administration, community organization, and their history based on research. Philosophers have put across academic thoughts in matters related to social work in cultural, political, and economical perspectives.
This report makes a conclusion that social work is based on integrated of knowledge, skills, and values to increase competence in the profession. Relying on one of them alone does not uniquely define social work from other occupations, and may not effectively apply to a wide range of problems in the social sphere. The fitness in the profession could be by specialization in a field or practicing in general, but considering the importance of skills, knowledge, and values to improve social work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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