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Can those who commit violent crimes be considered otherwise ordinary young men Discuss - Essay Example

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1. What differentiated higher quality example essays from lower quality example essays? (2) How did you use the knowledge gained from critiquing the example essays to prepare and structure your essay? This statement will be graded according to the extent that these two questions have been addressed as well as clarity of written expression…
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Can those who commit violent crimes be considered otherwise ordinary young men Discuss
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Extract of sample "Can those who commit violent crimes be considered otherwise ordinary young men Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Higher quality essays are different from lower quality example essays in the sense that higher quality essays are well-referenced with credible resources. These high quality essays hardly utilize personal opinions of the authors; instead, they utilize facts and other information supported by research and other scholarly studies. The references used in these high quality essays are also credible and reliable sources, with authors who are considered experts in the field they are writing on. These studies are also peer-reviewed and evaluated by other similar experts. They are also published in credible journals, publishing companies, news writing crews, and academic websites. The resources are also unbiased as they are not being financially supported by private firms or companies who can manipulate the information being used. There are no logical fallacies in the references used by the authors; the statements made by the authors are well-supported by facts, statistics, and empirical data. In effect, they flow from one logical truth to another, making the results valid and reliable for the study being carried out. The studies cited in the example essays used in this study also included detailed bibliographies at the end of their writing. The more detail contained in the referenced, the higher the quality of the essays. This helps ensure that the references can be evaluated by other authors and the process of research itself is repeatable and verifiable. I used the information gained from critiquing the essays in order to provide structure to the essays. I compared such information with each other and compared the results for these studies, noting differences and similarities in results based on such information. Studies which presented the most reliable information after each view were included in the study. The studies which provided reliable data were also compared with each other and later critiqued based on methodology and ethical validity. Studies which did not pass muster under ethical validity were discarded in favour of other more reliable studies. I also used the information gained from the critique to gain credible information which I then compared with other credible studies. Inconsistencies in data or differing results merited a repeat evaluation and critique of the example essays in order to weed out possible causes of inconsistencies. A high quality essay is also one which is structurally sound, using any of the academically recommended styles like APA, MLA, and Harvard styles. The grammar is correct and consistent all throughout the essay. There are no spelling mistakes and the writing style is formal and academic. There are no abbreviations and contractions throughout the text and the proper headings and page numbers are included in the text. With these structural and functional elements, and with proper references, a paper can be deemed high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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