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To what extent is adult criminality a consequence of problems in the family environment during an offender's childhood and ado - Essay Example

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I have carried out the writing process for this paper by first reviewing materials which fit the issue being discussed. These materials included books, journal, news articles, and credible academic websites. After reviewing such materials based on their validity and reliability, I chose the more credible studies to include in this study…
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To what extent is adult criminality a consequence of problems in the family environment during an offenders childhood and ado
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Extract of sample "To what extent is adult criminality a consequence of problems in the family environment during an offender's childhood and ado"

Download file to see previous pages The terms in these papers were also accurately defined. These papers are also well-written, with no grammar and spelling mistakes. The writing is well organized and supported by either inductive or deductive patterns of reasoning. The terminologies are also used effectively. High quality essays also manifest wide reading and research. The resources are well-selected, based on validity and reliability of research process and results. The information portrayed in this high quality research is based on supported facts and figures from independent researchers and government-released reports. Such data is also well-documented and properly supported by experts and academic scholars. The resources are also peer-reviewed and published in reputable journals or other creditable publications. These experts also portray clear and unbiased analysis based on a various range of perspectives. In contrast, the low quality essays are not well-supported by accurate facts and information. For the most part, they are only opinions and unsupported conclusions by individuals who are not experts in the subject matter. The findings of the study are often simply presented with hardly any attempts at an analytical and comprehensive review. There are grammar and spelling mistakes which interfere with its reliability, as well as its validity as a scholarly paper. The conclusions attempted are also very much generalized; and no specific details or creditable sources are used to support such conclusions. I used the knowledge gained from critiquing the example essays to prepare and structure the essay by utilizing such knowledge to seek credible references for use in the paper. I also used the same data to weed out which references would not be scholarly and supportive of the paper in general. With the use of knowledge gained from the critique, I was able to conceptualize a logical and valid research with limited generalizations. In effect, the paper was properly written as a scholarly and academic discussion based on logical and ethical standards of research. Moreover, the review process of the authors and references underwent a comprehensive assessment based on peer-review and publication in a reputed journal. The critique of the example essays enabled an impartial process of inquiry which then engendered the validity of the research essays. It allowed also a logical and well-argued research process to unfold, considering all pertinent facts and details in the practice as well as in the research methodology. Finally, the critique highlighted for me the importance of referencing as exhibited by the bibliographic pages. This also lent more credibility and validity to the entire research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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