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Critique : APN Telephone Follow-Up - Research Paper Example

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Research Critique: APN Telephone Follow-up Date Abstract The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to critique the article entitled “Low- Income First Time Mothers: Effects of APN Telephone Follow Up”; and (2) to identify the role of the student research assistant and what the author have learned upon completing the project…
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Research Critique : APN Telephone Follow-Up
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Download file to see previous pages Critics are categorized base on who conducted the research and the purpose of the research. The research critique reflected in this paper is undertaken by the student (the author) to demonstrate critiquing skills. Furthermore, this paper will analyze the study entitled “Low- Income First Time Mothers: Effects of APN Telephone Follow Up” and will examine and identify the study’s strengths and weaknesses, enablers and barriers to the implementation, expected outcomes of the study, and overall contributions of the study to the nursing and/or health care service. Strengths and Weaknesses. Holland & Rees (2010) stated that the aim or the purpose of the study should describe and give clues on what the researcher set out to do (p. 173). This is the strength of the purpose of the study as the study clearly described that the research will examine the effects of a low cost telephone intervention provided by APNs for the first 2 months post birth in low-income first time mothers and their infants. However, the weakness also lies on the statement of the purpose as there are incongruences in the statement of the purpose in the abstract and in the introduction and background section. In the abstract section, the purpose was to compare whereas in the introduction and background section, the purpose was to examine. Incongruences might lead to confusion whether the study will compare, examine, or both. When writing the purpose of the study, Funnel, Koutoukidis & Lawrence (2008) stated that the purpose of the research must be clearly identified and easy to understand (p. 43). Randomized clinical trial is the design used in the research. Although not explicitly stated, randomized clinical trial is classified under the quantitative experimental design. Funnel, Koutoukidis & Lawrence (2008) stated that when critiquing research design, the researcher must consider certain aspects of the design such as intervention, comparisons (Polit & Beck, 2009, 321), extraneous variables, timing of data collection, research location, communication with study participants, and information provided to participants (p. 44). Applying all the key concepts, strengths of the research design include clear identification of the interventions (provision of routine post discharge care and follow up telephone calls by APNs); statement of the central issue (whether telephone follow up care is an effective and cost-reducing follow up care in the home with postpartum mothers after hospital discharge) to establish comparisons; indication of the timing of data collection (maternal health outcomes started on day 3, months 1 and 2 after discharge while infant health outcomes and health care charges started on months 1 and 2); clearly specified research location for data collection (Jackson Memorial Hospital); communication with study participants as evidenced by explanation to the participants of the procedures in their preferred language before obtaining informed consent; and provision of information in terms of recruitment process, consent procedures, data collection, demographic data, maternal health outcomes, infant health outcomes, and health care charges. Despite numerous strengths in the research design, one weakness of the study research design include lack of measures taken to control extraneous variables such as discrepancies in the computed charges and actual costs of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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