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Deviance - Essay Example

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Running Head: DEVIANCE “Deviance Is Not A Quality Of The Act The Person Commits But Rather A Consequence Of The Application By Others Of Rules And Sanctions To An Offender” (Becker, 1963: 9). [Name of the Writer] [Project Title] [Instructor] [Name of the Institution] [Date] Abstract If we go down to the memory lane of history, we will find very little knowledge about the fate of the offender after their release from the prison…
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Extract of sample "Deviance"

Download file to see previous pages The acquired historical sources were applied for life course perspective which has been a very valuable asset in modern criminology. It helps to find out whether the offenders have suffered from stigma / criminal label through an examination of four demographic events a) relocation b) matrimony c) career growth and d) death. Yes label had its own repercussions in changing the course of life of a criminal dramatically. “Deviance Is Not A Quality Of The Act The Person Commits But Rather A Consequence Of The Application By Others Of Rules And Sanctions To An Offender” (Becker, 1963: 9). Introduction It is matter of fact that the offenders upon release from the incarceration found limited opportunities for them to grab lucrative jobs. The available data does not disclose how offenders experienced their life in prisons and how other peoples around them viewed it. There is every reason to believe that the laws have chosen its own path which of course was not similar to that path of non criminals. Whatever study conducted so far, indicates the difficult lives of the criminals in and out side the prison. The most difficult phase in their life is the indifferent attitude of the society1. We cite here case example of law breaker Jonas Petter Wedin, who was born and brought up in a farmer’s home. His father was died of a natural death leaving behind a widow and five children with no source of income to live on. His mother and five brothers and sisters made to live on the goodwill of others. That compelled him to join the criminals to earn livelihood for him and for other family members. Discussion Deviance In sociological term, deviance is the behaviour of the offender against the acceptable norms of a society. Hence, it is the area of sociologists, psychologists and criminologists to study and find out the causes of abnormal behaviour of the offenders against the society’s norms and why they insist to follow their own rules and regulations2. Violation of Social Norms In fact norms, rules, regulations and expectations are the guiding principals to live in a society peacefully. Deviations of mentioned norms reflect the failure of an offender to comply with the set standards of life. They do not believe in “live and let live others”. However, social norms vary from culture to culture (e.g. in USA, one has to see eye to eye while having a word with each other whereas in Asia averting eyes is a symbol of politeness and respect. However, direct eye contact in Asia during conversation is considered rude), location to location and country to country e.g., a deviant act if committed in one culture, location or country may not necessarily be considered as abnormal attitude in other culture, location and the country3. Reactive construction We observed in day to day life that specific condition compels minority of a society to keep them aloof. We all agree on this point that killing of a human being neither permissible nor appreciable in any society, unless it specifically permitted by the government in time of war or in self defence4. Component of Social Deviant Behaviour Review of the deviant behaviour indicates three broad social segments i.e. structural, symbolic and conflict. Structural functionalism Individuals may commit crimes on account ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... and had to leave to seek medical attention. It was only later that the other group members learnt that he spent the session in the library to avoid playing his role during the presentation. He did this because he knew the presentation could be done by one or more group members. Mike’s deviance caused the group a hard time in trying to reorganize the presentation. Each part of the presentation that needed to be tackled had been allocated to the group members. Mike’s failure to attend the presentation session meant that the group had to redesign its plan. On the same note, his part had to be presented by one of the members who were in attendance. As a result, the workload of one of the members had to increase in a bid to accommodate Mike’s...
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Controlling Cyber Deviance in the Workplace

...on the company. Cyber deviance is on the rise in many workplaces as most employees engage in Internet abuse unrelated to work. Employees use the Internet for other purposes including sending personal emails and chatting with friends and family members. According to Kimberly (2014), several studies have confirmed that the majority of employees in many companies abuse the Internet (P. 194). Among the most common cyber deviance recorded include, surfing the Internet during work hours, accessing pornography, online chatting, gaming and shopping at work. New studies show that cyber deviance among employees during working hours, costs corporations many cash in lost revenues, reduced...
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Societal Deviance

.... Individual beliefs on attaining goals. 2. Individual adherence to societal norms. For instance, one may engage in prostitution in the quest of making money; earning living is generally a widely accepted practice in the society, but not necessarily through prostitution (Downs, 2011). Conflict Theory The conflict theory is guided by societal inequalities, most commonly reflected through material disparities. This results in the “oppressed” group lashing out in protest of the perceived injustice. The recent Occupy Wall Street protest serves as a perfect example (Sociological theories of deviance). Labeling Theory This theory perfectly embodies stigmatization. It is where a group of individuals mimics/apes behaviors accorded to them...
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Biological Explanations of Crime and Deviance

... persons in the society. Although biological explanation of crime and deviance has been debatable and at times confusing, scientific research is always beneficial in the quest for knowledge about human behaviour. Modern science and technology has resulted in profound changes in biological aspect of crime in the discovery and detection of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). This discovery is not directly connected to the biological explanation of crime and deviance but, nevertheless, it has helped in correcting some errors by absolving some individuals who have been convicted wrongly. It is hoped that this discovery can help to formulate theories using a more direct approach. In recent times scientists and researchers have been instrumental...
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Methamphetamine Use as Deviance

... will discuss the use of methamphetamine as a deviant behavior as well as the features elemental to its high prevalence and widespread abuse. Moreover, this paper will provide some measures in combating methamphetamine issues that plague the nation. Methamphetamine Use as DevianceDeviance is a behavior that does not obey traditional norms and does not conform to society’s expectations. Illegal drug use is a form of deviant behavior. Since time immemorial, drugs have been used by mankind. Drug use for medication was not considered unlawful during the past. Nowadays, humanity has discovered an unacceptable and condemnable protocol of using drugs. Society generally criticizes drug use. There are various grounds for this opinion. Clinard...
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Controls and Deviance, Stratification, Social Class

... within the society, a certain behavior or action can be deemed as deviant. Deviance is something that is out of balance or out of sync with the general belief and values of the society. Controls are the laws that keep deviance in check so as not to cause chaos and imbalance in the society. Deviance is not always criminal, it may just be different from the normal trend of the society. It is not always bad rather it is out of the ordinary. As with other concepts in that affects the society, deviance also has a function. It allows the society to set the normal and the usual reactions, behavior and values of the society. Deviance makes sure that we have something to compare to. Without deviance, the society won’t be able to tell...
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...on breast milk (Solomon, 1981). This paper is concerned with corporate crime, corporate deviance. Specifically it focuses on how corporate crime is supported by capitalism and a neo-liberalist political agenda, and the experience of its victims, including those who fight back. This paper will use the movie, Norma Rae (Ritt, 1979), as a launching point for this discussion. Norma Rae was released in 1979. This was a critical time period because it was the end of the decade of the 1970’s, in which, as mentioned, 700 new industrial use chemicals came onto to the market. This is the same decade in which the baby formula controversy was introduced, debated, and distribution focus shifted to the developing world. This...
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Social Deviance: Bullying

...sed, its emergence stemmed from the survival instincts of man; which apparently prompted to react, respond, and ward off competitive forces. Concurrently, within an academic environment, Donegan (2012) asserted that “students often learn corrupt ways to get ahead in the highly competitive educational and social environments that grade school presents. These bullying tactics may include pressuring others for answers on assignments to attain higher grades, which leads toward better college opportunities, or spreading social rumors about fellow students” (p. 34). The issue is important to sociology of deviance because despite the evident harm inflicted on victims, proposed interventions which aim to prevent bullying have apparently failed...
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Deviance of Social Normative Behavior

... not yell in the public place; we do not climb stairs when we are on elevators; we do not say good morning at night; we do not pick our noses in front of people; we do not walk backwards in public; we do not ask anybody to leave the seat for us in a bus; and, the list continues. We do not do so because all of these are social norms which we do not even consider violating because it has been inculcated within us that we are not supposed to violate the rule or else we shall be called inhumane, illiterate and disapproved. Social norms are considered as markers of social standards in a society. Mugny (as cited in Dubois, 2004, p.18) defined deviance as “a socially perceived transgression of rules or norms in force in a given social system...
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