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Communication in Dove Real Beauty Campaign - Case Study Example

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The paper "Communication in Dove Real Beauty Campaign" highlights that the marketing department of Unilever has developed and implemented an effective promotional strategy for the products of Dove. Effective use of Dove Real Beauty Campaign has helped the organisation very much…
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Communication in Dove Real Beauty Campaign
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Extract of sample "Communication in Dove Real Beauty Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages Dove Real Beauty campaign can be considered as an effective promotional campaign ensured by the marketing department by the organisation. The marketing department of the organisation did a great job by promoting the campaign through both language images and video. But, effective use of organisation text in campaigning events and activities helped the brand to promote and distribute the intended message to the target customers. Use of campaigning texts in organisation documents, adverts and product packaging helped the organisation to gain huge success. This particular essay will conduct research based on marketing or advertisements texts that have been used by the marketing department of Unilever in the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.
This part of the essay will conduct research on organisational text of Dove regarding the Real Beauty campaign. It involves collection and analysis of relevant text data and information available on the organisational document, print adverts and product packaging.
Dove can be considered as one of the leading cosmetic brands in this world. Unilever is the parent organisation of Dove. The organisation established a concept of the Real Beauty campaign for the marketing and brand awareness of the cosmetic products of Dove.
Women of all ages are the real target audiences of this brand. The marketing department of the organisation has significantly tried to enhance effective brand awareness through this advertising or promotional campaign. According to this campaign, the management of the organisation has integrated the real beauty of the women with the self-esteem and self-actualisation aspect. The marketing department of the organisation has tried to say that a lady cannot be considered beautiful through only external get-up. A lady can be called beautiful through her personality, self-esteem and belief along with external get-up or attractiveness. These aspects are clear for target audiences after observing the conveyed message through the campaigning and promotional activities (Image 1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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