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Prize Money The venture capital will be spent for launching the promo campaign, creating the team, as well as equipping the full-fledged working space. Therefore, the key investment directions will be: 1. Promotion and advertising a. Web advertising, including employment and marketing ads, (with targeting the widest audience possible) b…
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Business start up Application form assesments
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"Business start up Application form assesments"

Download file to see previous pages Business Idea and the USP The key idea is to look for gifted amateur and professional actors (however, the preference will be given to amateurs and beginners). In fact, the industry is full of one-role actors and actresses, who are engaged in TV shows, advertisements and photo sessions. Therefore, the USP is based on the fact, that actors and photo models have to communicate with the audience through acting, and the key requirement for cooperation will be the ability to establish a dialogue with the spectator, creating the atmosphere of the close communication. Market Research and Test Trading In accordance with the brief web research, most dramatic artists, cooperating with talent agencies, position themselves as the universal actors for the on camera and voice over works mainly (45% and 32% correspondingly). The rest 23% are divided among commercial prints (13%), live corporate performances, including low quality stand-ups (8%), and performance management for private events (2%). Therefore, the business interest towards high quality acting is declining, while the demand for the high quality dramatic events is constant (in accordance with the live surveys). ...
These are in need of talented actors, models, dancers, and design experts. 2. Spectators. While the agency is not dealing with the spectators directly, this audience assesses the quality of the actors’ work. In the light of such a division, the demographic categorization of the audience is not crucial, since the commercial and photo products are created for diverse categories. Skills, Experience and Qualifications Talent agency business is communications. The list of qualities and skills needed for running this business is as follows: 1. Organizational skills (including leadership and management) 2. Communicative and persuasive skills: for communicating with the actors, and the category-one target customers 3. Perfect face, name, and phone number memory 4. Ability to stay aware of the latest business events 5. Professional intuition and artistic flair, needed for finding the right actors and models among the others. 3 Months Action Plan Month one: Rent and equip the office Employ office manager, and one deputy agent to train Start promo campaign Set up contacts with administrations of the art and drama faculties, administrations of the amateur and professional theaters, and other talent agencies if possible. These contacts will be required for finding the necessary characters and dramatic types (with further creation of the database) Signing contracts with at least five studios Month two: Continue filling in the database Establish contacts with producers and agencies Sign another 5+ contracts Month three: Employ two more deputies and delegate them the task to look for actors and models in amateur theaters and among students Extend the promo campaign for increasing the search and cooperation geography Sign 8+ contracts Benefits ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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