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English portfolio - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In this assessment, therefore I strive to decipher the importance of icloud computing system. As such, I maintain the use of technical terms in order to enhance…
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English portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages s internet access to access thus securing users of restricted access to the data besides the reassurance of the increased longevity and availability of their data even in case of either damage or destruction of their physical gadgets. Apparently, in cases of either thefts or such disasters as fires and accidents, the damage that occurs in the hard drives often damage the data stored in the drives. This makes users susceptible to unprecedented loss of valuable data. Icloud computing thus strives to salvage such loses by providing users with a virtual storage space that enables them to access their data even in case of such damages.
Apple introduced icloud computing in its numerous products such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV among others. The technology provides users of the brands with additional space besides the internal hard drives. The virtual space guarantees the safety of the data stored in the devices thus assuring the user of the integrity of their data even in case of either damage or theft. The use of icloud computing spread rapidly globally as other manufactures of similar products appreciated the technology thus expanding the capacity and safety of data stored in the virtual spaces. The success of the invention resulted in a safer computing world, one in which users enjoy a guarantee of the safety and integrity of their data.
Among the significant features of the system are backups, icloud drive, find my IPhone, photo stream among others. Each of the above features relies on the safety of the icloud system by using the media to store data. Backup just as the name suggests refers to the use of the media to store secondary copies of the data stored in the hard drives thus availing them in case of either a destruction of the physical media or theft. Icloud drive on the other hand enables users to use the system as their actual hard drives. This implies that the access their files in real time thus using their in the applications on their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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