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Cloud Computing - Research Paper Example

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Cloud Computing Abstract Technology has integrated deeply in the lives of humans. The number of internet users increase exponentially every year. It is due to this reason that companies face difficulty in meeting the increasing requests of their customers…
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Cloud Computing
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"Cloud Computing"

Download file to see previous pages Cloud computing services address these issues and provide a source for using computing resources without purchasing them. The computing resources can be attained dynamically as per the needs of the company. The computing resources can be released when the need for greater IT infrastructure ceases to exist, therefore the resources do not have to be actually bought. Cloud computing environments offer almost unlimited levels of scalability and mobility. The attainment and release of the resources are convenient and fast processes. Computing resources consist of a diverse range of virtual devices and applications, like virtual servers, data storage, operating systems, software applications and virtual platforms. Along with the major success and acceptance of the concept of cloud computing, a significant portion of users feel threatened in trusting the service providers with their intellectual assets. Therefore, the prevailing security and privacy issues related to cloud computing have been discussed in the paper, along with its advantages as compared to the traditional form of computing and data centers. The paper also includes few recommendations for improving the protection of the intellectual assets of the users. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Cloud Computing 1 3. Success of Cloud Computing 5 4. Comparison of Traditional Computing and Cloud Computing Data Centers 7 4.1 Advantages of Cloud Computing 8 4.1.1 Level of Scalability 8 4.1.2 Level of Mobility 8 4.1.3 Level of Maintenance and Updates 10 4.1.4 Disaster Recovery 11 4.2 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing 11 4.2.1 Level of Control and Privacy 11 5. Factors to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Data Centers 13 6. Physical Aspects of Cloud Computing Data Centers 13 6.1 Issues with Traditional Data Centers 13 6.2 Innovative Solutions in Cloud Computing Data Centers 14 7. Challenges in Cloud Computing Systems 17 8. Recommendations 18 9. Conclusions 19 Bibliography 22 Table of Figures 1 Figure 1: Different factors related to Cloud Computing Systems 4 2 Figure 2: Comparison between traditional data center and cloud computing data center 7 3 Figure 3: PUE of Microsoft from the year 2004 to 2007 16 Table of Tables 1 Table 1: Top 10 Technologies of the year 2011 6 1. Introduction Computer technology has seen remarkable development and continuous improvement ever since it has been invented. The mode of life has been changed by the respective invention. Every field and industry has been revolutionized by the integration of computers. The field of education has been improved by the advent of e-learning management systems, whereas the field of medicine has witnessed greater accuracy and reliability due to the usage of more efficient medical equipments. In the same manner, the field of business has been given a more formalized structure due to the incorporation of enterprise data centers and information management systems. Enterprise data centers supported the needs of organizations for many years. A change was felt necessary when the needs of the customers began increasing at an exponential rate. The advent of internet has broken geographical barriers, due to which the whole world is considered to be a single platform. Consumer has access to global products and services, which makes it vital for companies to provide commendable and uninterrupted services to their clients. The increasing competition in the markets has urged the companies to adopt innovative ways to meet the increasing needs of the cust ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cloud Computing
...Cloud computing is a new IT paradigm that allows provisioning of IT infrastructure through the flexible pay-per-use model. Its application in industry is still new because it has not yet been fully understood. This paper aims to educate industry on the value of cloud computing to business starting by defining it, outlining its pros and cons and describing its applicability. The paper also discusses how to manage and secure devices on the cloud, cloud economics and how to go about beginning one’s journey to the cloud. Table of Contents Abstract 1 Cloud computing is a new IT paradigm that...
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... Task Cloud Computing This is a type of technology that involves making use of the machinery found on the Internet and centralized remote servers for the purposes of maintaining several types of applications and data. It facilitates businesses and customers to utilize applications without their installation in accessing their files on any computer that has connectivity to the Internet. It enhances the computing processes by utilizing centralized forms of storage, memory and bandwidths (Velte, Velte & Elsenpeter, 2009). The best examples of the usage of cloud computing in business are shown in the services offered by companies such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. These applications do not require installation in the computers found... in a...
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...? Topic:  “CLOUD COMPUTING" Submitted Submitted by: Submitted on: 11 May The increasing usability of the internet and the advancements in information and communications technology, a newly formed virtual infrastructure of cloud computing has emerged. This concept not only enhances the usability of the internet but also implements a new internet based system to replace the current hardware dependent infrastructure of storing data. Carrying out research regarding emerging and existing cloud based architecture and the challenges and future of the structure’s implications is the focus of the report. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Immense credit for the study conducted on cloud computing basics and infrastructure goes to my Most Respectable teacher... ...
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...?Cloud Computing Introduction Cloud computing is a process that employs the use of both software and hardware computing resources which are deliveredover such networks as the Internet as a service. The name “cloud” is derived from a symbol that is like a cloud in shape and is used as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure encapsulated in the system diagrams. “As [the] business adapts to changing government and industry regulations, evaluates new business partnerships, and anticipates competitive threats, IT needs to help the business find new ways to respond” (Hurwitz et al., 2009, p. 339), and...
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...? AWS Case Study: Ericsson AWS Case Study: Ericsson Cloud computing has emerged as the best alternative for both small and medium sized firms as well as big companies in their implementation of Information Technology strategies. This emerging trend in the contemporary world gives companies both attractive technological and financial benefits as well as giving them a competitive edge in the highly competitive environment. Cloud computing involves sharing of computer resources, both software and hardware, among many users along connected computers over a network, mostly the internet (Armbrust et al, 2010). Various concepts employed in cloud computing include software-as-a-service (SAAS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), Platform... ...
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Cloud computing
...Introduction Companies of large size have the financial as well as functional resources to own and operate their own data centers; however, smaller companies do not have the capabilities to do the same. This has given rise to a concept where companies make use of applications and data hosted on a hardware platform owned by another organization. This concept is referred to as cloud computing. In the simplest of terms, cloud computing can be described as providing hardware, systems, software, and applications as services over the internet (Gilam, 2010). The services are dynamically scalable. A cloud can either be public cloud (it is made...
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...Cloud Computing Table of Contents Cloud Computing Executive Summary 3 Assets of value 3 Goals and Values 4 Threats5 Vulnerabilities 7 Impacts 8 Initial Risks 10 Recommendations 11 Contingency 13 References 14 Executive Summary This paper examines the subject of cloud storage as a means for the US government to store data under various security designations such as SBU or CUI. It discusses the nature or security under each of the designations and the focuses on the potential underlying vulnerabilities that could threaten the integrity confidentiality, availability and authenticity of the data in cloud storage. These threats are typically classified as people, process and technology representing internal human resource weakness... or...
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...Cloud computing is one of the most essential concepts that will continue to play a dramatic role in the modern century. Cloud computing is undoubtedly a vital components for organization as it upholds security, embeds flexibility and allows corporations to implement a modern IT system. By optimizing technical support, optimization, and trouble shooting, the cloud provider can achieve significant economies of scale, leading to low prices for cloud resources. As a matter of fact, huge organization such as Amazon has already deployed cloud services in the cloud. It is clear that organizations are moving to...
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...Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Cloud computing is among the most recently discussed topics. Waghmare and Chavana (2013) observes that cloud computing in various organizations is becoming the most effective and powerful information technology. Use of cloud computing systems in various organizations is accelerating because of their conventional functions, which include browsing the internet, downloading applications, and making online transactions (Waghmare & Chavana, 2013). Cloud computing has been constructive because it presents...
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