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FMCG COMPANIES - Essay Example

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Olay Regenerist CC Cream Light was launched by the US-based company Procter & Gamble (P&G)in the first quarter of 2014 as a 10 Minute Miracle Primer (, 2014). This product helps to regenerate the skin’s appearance and to provide visible skin transformation…
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Download file to see previous pages The company has invited actress Katty Holmes to be its global brand ambassador in order to promote the Olay products. The actress has been actively involved in various ads and mass media ads. The fact that the company has attracted such superstar as Katie Holmes has made the campaign successful. Celebrity endorsement in case of Olay has made the brand more recognizable in the eyes of potential customers. Also, it is possible to suggests that the presence of Mrs. Holmes has helped to increase loyalty of customers and reliability towards the brand.
P&G has rolled out the #BestBeautiful campaign across multiple channels including TV, print, social media, and in-store displays, where the celebrity encouraged women “to never settle in any aspects of their life, including caring for their skin” (, 2014, n.p.).
Olay is very active in social media networks. It has 1.9 million fans and 61,000 followers (Lacy, 2014). For promoting its campaign Olay actively utilizes both Facebook and Twitter in order to communicate with and engage its target audience.
Botanicals face moisturizer is an organic skin moisturizer enriched with natural herbs and oils (Botanicals, 2014). The brand is positioning itself as a producer of organic and natural cosmetics and therefore its niche is quite narrow.
While there is no information available regarding the Awards to the Botanicals face moisturizer, the company gets awards for its products, such as: The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards, Free From skin care Awards, Best Organic Facial Skincare, and the Natural and Organic Awards 2010 (, 2014).
For promoting its products, the Botanicals focuses on promoting the quality of its products, the natural benefits, and organic ingredients used for blended by hand products. That is why the marketing promotion is limited in the company as it relies on the brand’s reputation. In order to grow its reputation, the company is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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