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Gender Role in Interpreting Messages - Coursework Example

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The paper “Gender Role in Interpreting Messages” insists that males and females have sundry interpretations of the same messages. It occurs due to physiological differences including their size of the callosum. In women, both hemispheres of the brain are involved simultaneously, but men are not…
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Gender Role in Interpreting Messages
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Download file to see previous pages Several stereotypes depict women as the more talkative, but studies have shown that men talk more than women do. This happens in meetings, discussions of mixed groups, and in classrooms where girls sit alongside boys. Moreover, in most talk shows, the first person to ask a question is a man, in most instances. In addition, studies have shown that men talk for a longer period than their female counterparts as they explain their questions. This can be attributed to the fact that, although women make the majority in talk shows, their percentage of participation is always lower than that of men. This implies that women are wrongly viewed as the most talkative while in the real sense; men talk much more. In most cases, women use conversations, which cannot be accomplished without establishments of connections, and relationships, based on negotiations. Communication differences start in early years of development of the majority of girls. Matching experiences and similarities are the center role on most girls’ conversations. Peers, who want to behave like the leaders of any group are criticized by other girls, from the early years of their lives. This implies that girls want to be involved in all activities that their peers are doing. All people feel happy when they are in settings that make them feel at home. This plays a fundamental role in the way people will react during a private talk. The fact that women make connections and relationships more easily means that they take control during a private talk. This is because they feel much at home when they are talking to people whom they trust.  Public speaking can appear as private speaking especially when the women present have connections with other speakers.
On the other hand, men use language as a means of attaining independence and maintaining their hierarchal status in society. This cannot be accomplished without an exhibition of skill and knowledge. This quest is achieved by taking the central role in any performance, which is accomplished through joking, storytelling, and information imparting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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