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What Is Communication Studies - Essay Example

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Communication is described as an inclusive procedure of exchanging various consequential messages. In this paper, the notion of communication studies, its importance and the problems commonly associated with the aspect, will be taken into concern…
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What Is Communication Studies
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Download file to see previous pages In this similar context, the idea of communication studies is widely defined as an academic field that primarily deals with the procedure of human communication intending to generate meaningful messages (Steinberg, 2007). In this paper, the notion of communication studies, its importance and the problems commonly associated with the aspect, will be taken into concern. Moreover, the link between culture and communication studies will also be discussed in this paper with the application of relevant models that include The Shannon and Weaver Model and The Schramm Model.
Communication studies play an imperative role in every business organisation as it assists different organisations to develop their respective organisational forms in an efficient manner.
Contextually, it has often been observed that organisations face various challenges when performing business operations effectively without concerning the aspect of communication studies. This is owing to the reason that the entire functional process of a specific organisation depends largely upon the understanding of the flow of information through communication studies (Steinberg, 2007).
Communication studies generally involve two parties that include a speaker as well as a listener. With regard to determine the problems in communication studies, it has been viewed that misunderstandings arising due to poor communication can easily cause conflicts as well as other kinds of disturbances in the interrelation between the listener and the speaker. In other words, it can be stated that the conflict which often takes place between the involved parties in a communication process, due to creation of misunderstandings, is one of the crucial problems in the area of communication studies. Moreover, apart from rising conflicts, prevalence of dissimilar cultures, norms and languages are also considered to be the major problems relating to the study of communication studies (Steinberg, 2007). Culture and Communication Studies According to various researches, it has been apparently observed that communication and culture are undividable in nature. In this connection, the researchers revealed that the aspect of culture plays a critical role in the field of communication studies. Intercultural interaction within the context of communication studies has become quite pervasive due to several important factors. These factors primarily include worldwide developments, rapid enlargement in the population of the world and alteration in the global business approaches. Most significantly, it has been argued that cultural dissimilarities may act as significant barriers towards communication studies. In response, effectual communication amid the involved parties in the communication studies would certainly minimise the barriers by a greater extent (Chen, 2009). The Shannon and Weaver Model (1949) The Shannon and Weaver Model (1949) introduced an effective communicative model which has been acknowledged as “information theory” and is regarded as quite beneficial in the area of communication studies. In this particular theory, the model revealed that the information is regarded as an assessment of the entropy or insecurity in a specific system. Moreover, the model also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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