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Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape - Essay Example

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This essay "Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape" discusses concepts of the conceptual metaphor. The use of the conceptual metaphor is a powerful tool because it reaches the very core of the way we interpret the world around us.  …
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Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape
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Extract of sample "Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape"

Download file to see previous pages These types of advertisements frequently play on the side of humor, serving to entertain and retrain social standards at the same time. Occasionally, the effect a particular advertisement might have on the public is the primary focus of the ad with the product perceived as a secondary reference. These types of advertisements frequently demonstrate the greater societal need and then feature their product, usually one that helps address the concern in some way, at the extreme end of the commercial, appearing to be almost an afterthought. These messages are conveyed through the use of conceptual metaphors, symbols and language. By examining the visual clues, conceptual metaphors and other aspects of the ad design, the careful observer can not only learn much about the company but can also assess the advertisement’s impact on societal behavior. The concepts of the conceptual metaphor, the use of symbols and the importance of language choice can be better understood when applied to a physical example such as Kermit the Frog in the television commercial “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” (2006) for the Ford Hybrid Escape.
The use of the conceptual metaphor is a powerful tool because it reaches the very core of the way we interpret the world around us. Generally speaking, a conceptual metaphor is defined as a metaphor “that is so basic in the way people think about something that they fail to perceive that it is a metaphor” (“Conceptual Metaphor”, 2007). As a result, the connection, once made, is difficult to block out.. The concept of the conceptual metaphor is brought forward by Lakoff and Johnson, who were building off the ideas of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. “The two scholars add a remarkable twist to the Aristotelian distinction, namely that abstract concepts are linked systematically to concrete ones via metaphor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape Essay, n.d.)
Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape Essay.
(Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape Essay)
Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape Essay.
“Conceptual Metaphors and the Ford Hybrid Escape Essay”.
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