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The various platforms contain various information about me so through the various the platforms people know different things about me.
On Facebook, people know…
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Idea book
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Idea Book al Affiliation Journalism, Mass Media & Communication Submitted My Personal Brand The social media platforms have expanded my popularity, providing an opportunity for people to know more about me. The various platforms contain various information about me so through the various the platforms people know different things about me.
On Facebook, people know that Im funny and thoughtful based on the posts I send out. On Twitter, my friends and Followers know that Im witty and friendly based on my twits as Im not shy when it comes to leveling my opinion. On Instagram, they know that I was fun, and outgoing based on the photos I send out they also know that Im passionate about good food.
Brand persona
I am an iPhone smartphone. Im the latest brand of the latest smartphone in the smartphone world filled with technological gizmos. I am friends with the internet to whom we share a very deep bond of friendship we regularly interact and exchange information. I don’t lie to be on the computer because she is jealous of my relationship with the internet.
Teamwork on the social media platforms can be illustrated in various ways, for instance liking a comment or retweeting a post by someone. This shows solidarity with an idea that someone has put forth through the post.
Creative process
The creative process that goes on in my mind before I post a statement, comment or picture has various levels of thought put into them. Firstly, the post has to have context and I for this instance define context to mean it has to conform to the trending topic or if Im commenting on a persons message I have to keep it on the issue we are talking about. Secondly, unless the trend is tragic, I try to make humor about it as much as I can. Third in terms of the photos I post I try to make each unique with a different subject always but always showing the best possible version of myself.
Mind map
The mind map shows a correlation of thoughts, attitudes and principles that are revealed through the various social media platforms. The mind map also gives perspective to all these information, thus making it more credible and fitting to the context in which they are used.
Two of my friends are Ann and Julien. Ann is a perfectionist, she likes slow and soulful music, dislikes public transport, her cake is that she likes candy at night and has some before she sleeps. She believes in God and humanity and chooses to see the good in people rather than the bad, the niche id put her in is that of creative friends.
Julien is hardworking, he likes hip hop music, especially Jay-Z he doesn’t like lazy people. His quirk is that he studies, best under loud music and as a Christian young man he believes God. I would put him in the gifted niche.
The place that inspires me most is the Oregon nature conservatory. The reason it inspires me most is because of the abundance and variety in nature that can be found there. This is a special place that makes me feel free every time I go there, I find a lot of peace in the balance e in nature that can be experienced there.a Read More
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Idea Book Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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