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Critical Review of "Aggression among young adults in the social context of the bar" by Kathryn Graham and Samantha Wells - Article Example

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The article by Kathryn Graham and Samantha Welis which is called “Aggression among Adults in the Social Context of the Bar” examines how different methods of research among which there are natural observation and interview can give insight on such phenomenon as aggressive…
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Critical Review of "Aggression among young adults in the social context of the bar" by Kathryn Graham and Samantha Wells
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Extract of sample "Critical Review of "Aggression among young adults in the social context of the bar" by Kathryn Graham and Samantha Wells"

Download file to see previous pages Though a number of studies were directed to examining the connection between aggressive behaviour and intoxication little or now research were conducted in the specific places for alcohol consumption. Therefore, the authors supposed that social context of the bar has certain effects on the participants of the aggression.
First the authors outline the previous research done in this sphere. And it turns out that the previous research conducted in this sphere aimed to study the following notions in the context of aggression in bars: the average number of the participants as well as the characteristics, cross-cultural differences as well as environmental factors that contribute to the aggressive behavior. The triggers of aggressive behaviour in bars were also the object of attention of different studies. The very nature of the aggression in social context of the specific environment such as a bar was the least examined phenomenon that is why Graham and Welis directed their attention to it primarily. They hypothesized that the specific environment as well the context of the incident contributed to the appearance of aggressiveness among individuals to a certain extent. The authors aimed to find out how the behaviour of all participants involved into the aggressive episode influences its course and what aspects of social interaction define the aggressive incident. Moreover, the authors aimed to outline the general course of events development during aggressive incidents: general number of participants involved, levels of aggression and intoxication of participants, the environment that influenced the incident directly and indirectly. The chosen methods of research allowed authors to define the context of the aggressive incidents and compare it to the context defined by previous research in this sphere.
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