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Television Aggression - Research Paper Example

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Violence or aggression on the television has lately induced a concern about the potential negative effects on the kids, and researchers have gathered enough…
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Television Aggression
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Extract of sample "Television Aggression"

Download file to see previous pages Violence/aggression has become a usual event in television programs that the average viewer may develop a callous to its presence. Except the audience creates a conscious determination to identify the vindictive and aggressive performances exhibited, its presence develops diluted and disregarded. To prove hypothesis, three different television programs were watched. The programs had different contents and nature, but their themes were the same. These programs include Sesame Street, Roseanne, and Blues Clues. The programs contained the number of violent deeds, their extent, consequences, and the general outcome to the audience. This analysis will help to conclude if the violence showed extreme and unsafe for the kids to absorb. Violent has different definitions, but for this case, it is defined as an overt expression of physical force against others or self, or the compelling of action against one’s will on pain of being hurt or killed (George Gerbner 1996, p. 3)
Sesame Street has educational subjects and together with resources that target pre-school and nursery viewers. It has only one violent act while the other shows have the greatest amount of violent. From the shows, violent/aggression can be divided into two classes that include physical and verbal aggressions. In Sesame Street, we can see how Big Bird is being bullied by another bird from the neighborhood. The Big Bird feels good, special, and likes himself more than the other birds but later feels the need to change the character especially when the Good Bird Club leader makes fun of how he looks. On the other hand, Roseanne is more of comedy with adult hilarity. It is not only produced for adults but different viewers. Blue’s Clues focuses on social and cognitive conflict resolution skills in kids, especially the pre-school group. There are character dialogs that are portrayed in Roseanne that indicates forms of verbal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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