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Examine, analyze and explain violent childrens programming from a content analysis perspective as it relates to network shows su - Research Paper Example

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Date Violent Children’s Programs Technology has significantly changed several things such as general perspective about life both positively and negatively. Although there are numerous benefits associated with the technological changes especially in the media industry such as social networking, several social damages can be attributed to the media…
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Examine, analyze and explain violent childrens programming from a content analysis perspective as it relates to network shows su
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Download file to see previous pages The extent of violence and the contexts in which it occurs has been consistently high over the years and has been rising. This essay examines, analyzes, and explains violent children programming from a content analysis perspective as it relates to network shows such as Nick, Disney, and Toon. Continuous watching of television may manipulate viewers' ideas of what the daily world is all about and even induce some violent behaviors in children by changing their general mindset about violence. The media's power to shape perceptions and attitudes is thus questionable. Certain scenes in children programming such as cartoons where animated characters are continuously run over or thrown from the higher grounds but remain dead for a while portrays death as temporary. At times, bullies and violent characters are viewed as heroes thus instilling the mindset in children (Leonard & Christy 78-82). The children’s cartoons are some of the highly violent TV programs that are frequently aired by most TV channels. Unfortunately, the innocence in children is more exposed to violence than the adults by frequent airing of violent scenes in children programs than adult’s programs. Interestingly, the violent acts in the children programs are usually portrayed in a way that authenticates violence by making the actions either funny or acceptable. When either a child or an adult views a violent act, there may be unpleasant effects that may either be long or short term on the viewer (Leonard & Christy 78-82). An exposure to media violence especially to a young child has tremendously strong impact on an individual that may make the child develop very aggressive and violent way of life when he grows up. It is therefore very risky to allow a child to be exposed to such kind of risky media content (Brocato et al. 99-102). The contentious issue is how does the TV violence affect our way of life, attitude and even behaviors yet it is just a matter of just watching a mere material. Many grownups are always glued to their TVs in the evening or over the weekends in the name of watching a favorite soap opera. Seemingly, TV programs are one of the worst addictions, which may even literally steal our time and most significantly totally change our mindset irrespective of our age or sex. Most people have postponed doing some very important tasks in the excuse of watching a favorite TV program. It is therefore true that what a person listens to and watches can suddenly change an individual’s style of leaving either regularly or occasionally (Facts for Families, n.p). During the stage of development, children should adopt a way of life that is moral and acceptable to the society by guiding them on what they should watch and listen. What is instilled on a child’s mind while growing can either strengthen or weaken after sometime. An activity or an organ changes its task to adopt to the function that is routinely used as explained in use and reuse theory in biology. This same theory applies to the content of a program watched and the attitude change of the individual because of the program’s content. It is therefore obvious that when children watch violent movies, they will eventually adopt violent behaviors. The ultimate behavior of the child is further strengthened by previous experiences and societal influences (Leonard & Christy 78-82). Disney Films Disney films are several movies released by the Walt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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