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This could be a bit different. Men have identified themselves by various virtues of their understanding, as far as sexism and masculinity is concerned.
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Gender studies and sex
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GENDER STUDIES AND SEX Masculinity as homophobia. It is often thought that manhood is a forever thing that resides in men, both as quality and possession of a penis. This could be a bit different. Men have identified themselves by various virtues of their understanding, as far as sexism and masculinity is concerned.
Masculinity as homosexual enactment
It is evident that men are under a continuous scrutiny by other men. They are watched at, ranked and allowed to be accepted into the realm of manhood. Manhood is demonstrated to be approved by other men. Men yean to be recognized on the basis of what they own, number of sexy women they can win, power and their status in front of other men. Homophobia defines this situation as the ability to be unmasked and be rendered unworthy to be a real man in front of other men. Fear is also one way of identifying a real man. If you are so shameful and fearful, you may not be identified as a real man.
Homophobia as a cause of sexism, heterosexism and racism.
Homophobia is almost interwoven with sexism and racism. The fear of being identified as homosexual has proved to control mens behaviors. Homosexuality was not in the American norm thus rendering them unmanly. So men tend to avoid women especially in public to avoid others from judging them. Slaves for example, were identified as dependable men thus unable to defend their women and children. Native American were also believed not to be real men.
Power and powerlessness in the lives of men
Manhood is equal to power. This is seen in various jobs in the government. Men have more jobs than women. In various institutions, men have it all. So the feminine have been left powerless. Women in various instances are complaining publicly. They have been rendered powerless by men.
Health and social construction of masculinity in mens health magazine
It seems men have really framed it wrongly since life expectancy has been lower in men than women. Males have higher mortality than females. This could be based on their psychological, social and behavioral factors. Behavioral factors include, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diet and risk taking. There are a number of causes leading to improper health options for men.
Masculinity and male power
It is believed that true masculinity can be seen through mens body and therefore it could be based on provision of health. Biological determinism sees the gender distinctions as biologically based thus natural, unavoidable and unchangeable; it therefore perpetuates males power. Mans power is well enhanced and privileged through artificial understanding of masculinity and power.
Hegemonic masculinity and discourse
Traditionally, various traits of masculinity is evident and are seen to be correct and natural that men find supremacy as a demand. Hegemonic masculinity is replicated through discourses which uplifts mens status and behavior as upright and inevitable to behave in a particular way. In contrary, counter discourser offers a way out to challenge some of these behaviors. Men have been found to compete for power based on their muscles thus making them better than women.
It is believed that ideal men must have the given characteristics; a meat eater, a beer drinker, a convenience food eater, a sexual champion and a television watcher. In order to solve these types of problems, both men and women should be able to understand the fact that various characteristics of men and women are natural and inevitable. Each individual should be in a position to appreciate one another the way they really are. As result, there should be no illusion that a given individual is better than the other, every person is equal to one another as a human being.
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