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Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Center - Case Study Example

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This paper "Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Center" focuses on the fact that conversation analysis aims at describing, analyzing, and understanding talk as a basic and important aspect of human life. People communicate in various dimensions. …
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Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Center
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Extract of sample "Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Center"

Download file to see previous pages The customer informs the agent that his new car which is an n automatic car doesn’t wok a night when it is in the (N) mood, which he interprets as night. The agent seems not to understand the customer’s complaint at the onset but as the conversations go on, it is clear that the customer does not understand how the car symbols are used or should be interpreted. He, therefore, interprets the car manual differently.

This illustrates the fact that clear communication language should be used or simplified to other people since people understand the language in different dimensions (Candace & Garcia, 1998). It makes understanding a bit confusing more so in our conversation as some symbols are universally known to mean something different. IN the conversation it is evident that the customer understands symbol D to mean day and N to mean night. This is not the use of the symbol in the vehicle industry. In the industry, D stands for driving and N stands for the night.

There is a constant change of tones in the conversations and expressions are bought out clearly by the way they converse to each other. The main aim of this project is to clearly understand the use of tone; the situational interpretations of some conversations and the way communication can be interpreted using the Convention analysis principles such as turn design, turn sequences, pauses, and repair and adjacency pairs to clearly understand how people communicate in the day in day out interactions (Heritage, 2002).

The method used to aid in analyzing the data is a telephone conversation through that was obtained through youtube. It involves a conversation between a customer and an agent of the BMW car sellers. All the aspects of conversational analysis are covered in the data and it is easy to explain and critically analyze to bring out the principles that conversational analysis brings out.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Ce Case Study - 2, n.d.)
Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Ce Case Study - 2.
(Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Ce Case Study - 2)
Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Ce Case Study - 2.
“Conversational Analysis, Its Aims, Methodology, and Data in the BMW Ce Case Study - 2”.
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