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Educational performance - Case Study Example

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This is the paper that shall be studying the negative attitudes of the parent who belong to the socially disadvantaged backgrounds towards the education and the specific country that is discussed is UK.
American Psychological Association (2002) has observed that there is a clear link between the socially disadvantaged people as well as the people who are poor and they have a negative attitude towards the education…
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Educational performance
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Extract of sample "Educational performance"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, there is a greater impact of the social class on the education of the children and the parents' attitudes towards the education of the children. In this case there are two main concepts given and these are known as resistance and conformity. These two concepts are the main ones in order to understand the attitudes of the parents towards the education of their children. There is a higher probability that the parents shall be resisting or conforming to the children acquitting the college degree. These parents need to ensure that there is an important role being played by education in the success of the children in future. It has also been seen that there are higher chances of the occupational success of the children who have the higher education.
However, in this case Librarians of Institutes of Education (Great Britain), British Library (2000) observed that the acquiring of education is dependent on the social status of parents as the poor people are against the education and degree acquisition from the British universities. In this case a great deal of research has been done on the children as well as the British parents and it has been observed that there are many parents are not developed socially and they resist the education of the children at grade 1 level in the British schools. Because of this resistance there is a change in the concept of self and the desire to get the education. In this case, the main role is also played by the beliefs that are held by the parents. There are many parental differences that make a difference in the attitudes of the children towards the schooling and it is realized that the schooling has been realized that if the schooling is realized as a socializing agency.
According to the concepts that have been given in this case, Cox, (2000) says that the education of a pupil is dependent on the educational potential that the pupil has and the pupil is in turn dependent on the social position of the pupil. There are some assessments of the parents that are related to the children and their education and the social status of the parents play important roles.
Vermeulen and Perlmann (2000) say that the assessments of the British parents are related to social representations. The carrier systems of the social interpretations are included in the analysis of the social interpretations. There are some studies carried out that make sure that there is an inclusion of the educational experiences of the parents as if the education of the parent is higher than the expectations of the children from the children are higher. It has been seen that the social representation of the parents has been included in the educational opportunities.
There are many theories that have been given in relation to these attitudes and Rogers (2005) has observed that if the parents are educated, they are nearer towards the education system and they realize the changes that are taking place in the education system as well as the needs that are needed in the children. In addition to this, they understand the importance of the education in the children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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