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It Is Now Widely Accepted That Children of Middle-class Backgrounds, Do Better, In Terms of Educational Performance - Essay Example

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This essay is composed on a common observation that has been observed almost in every nook of the world that is “It is now widely accepted that children of middle-class backgrounds, do better, in terms of educational performance, and educational outcomes, than children of working class backgrounds”. …
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It Is Now Widely Accepted That Children of Middle-class Backgrounds, Do Better, In Terms of Educational Performance
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Extract of sample "It Is Now Widely Accepted That Children of Middle-class Backgrounds, Do Better, In Terms of Educational Performance"

Download file to see previous pages All these factors play a significant role in an individual educational performance and outcomes. (Muola, 2010). What is Middle-class? The middle-class is the term used for the people who lies in the mid of social hierarchy. In the socioeconomic term, it is a wider group of people in the existing society who comes in between the upper-class and the working-class. People who are categorized under middle-class give immense importance to education and values educational attainments as a chief contributing factor in establishing a successful life. Parents stress a lot on the importance of quality education and its influences later in an individual’s life. They look after their children in such a way to make them a successful member of the society, and they use all their available capital sources to prepare their kids for educational achievements. What is Working-class? Working class, laboring class or lower class also known as the “Proletariat” are the people who are employed in the lower tier works and extending to below average income people or unemployed people. These people usually live in urban areas and industrialized economies. It is considered that the basic aim of working-class individuals is to make an earning or economic wealth. These are the people who offer their labor power for money and are responsible in creating wealth of any society. These are usually involved in the production of furnitures, bridges and grow food but, didn’t own factories and lands. The major difference between middle-class and working-class is where people spend more as a standard of living rather than for basic necessities I. e. Fashion vs. shelter and nutrition....
This report demonstrates that children of middle-class backgrounds, do better in terms of educational performance, and educational outcomes, than children of working class backgrounds because of different reasons. The differences in parents mind-set, schools, cultural capital, values, attitudes, family setup and material factors are the leading factors that influence the educational performance and outcomes of a student.
This paper makes a conclusion that studies have clearly revealed that there is a direct link between class stratification and educational attainments. It is clearly discussed that the sub-cultures, sub-groups and the distinct values and norms of the social classes affect the performance of students in the scholastic system. Consistent researches on class and educational attainments demonstrates that the higher is the social class, higher will be the educational outcomes. Students from upper social background have greater chances to stay in the post-compulsory teaching and are better prepared to get through the different examination levels. They also have greater chances to achieve universityentrance. Apart from the social-class differences, educational achievements are also directly related to the role of parents and school. The contribution of parents and school also has a significant role in the academic career of an individual. Researches have made it clear that students from advantaged households are not only sharp in studies but, are creative, talented, confident and has a mind-blowing help-seeking skills as compared to the working-class pupils. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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