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The Development of Event Industry in the UK - Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Development of Event Industry in the UK" talks about how festivals and other cultural events have changed the face of London and how the emerging market trends in Southwark as a result of art and culture has contributed to market competitiveness from within and internationally…
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Extract of sample "The Development of Event Industry in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages The concept of an eventful city was first articulated and developed by Richard and Palmer (2010). The concept was derived from the basic principle that urban centers incorporate a series of events to promote livelihood through strategic policies designed to transform the city image. “The creation and promotion of events such as festivals, shows, and exhibitions have become a critical component of urban development strategy across the globe. No city believes it is too small or too complex to enter the market of planning and producing events”. 
Creativity and innovation should be utilized to develop objective policies that involve social cohesion, economic development, image transformation, cultural harmonization and talent exploration to address the issue of unproductivity and underdevelopment in urban centers. Most cities have tried to adopt these strategic policies to bring about real change but unfortunately, not much has been achieved. In this regard, the London borough of Southwark is the perfect example for the discussion. In the last two decades, the city has been exploring key concepts of creativity and innovativeness to historically establish full-day eventfulness.
Richard and Palmer (2010) emphasize that in this present age, besides providing goods and delivering services, world industries should also tend to focus more on the key concepts of creativity for instance; intelligence, originality, courage, and persistence in order to record a remarkable improvement in their areas of delivery. Developed cities like Hong Kong which have well applied these concepts, acts as a perfect example that can be used as a benchmark. Just like China, the UK is one of the leading event markets across the world. The regime values event industries and has been establishing building bridges initiative between the local citizens and government authorities through negotiation and mutual understanding which was aimed at transforming most cities in the UK into a major global destination for leisure, culture, sports, and business. In this discussion, the research will use the London Borough of Southwark as a case study. The main focus areas will be the economic, socio-cultural and political factors that contribute much to the eventfulness in Southwark. Secondly, the research will also study how art and culture have contributed to the event industry through creativity. Finally, the discussion will be looking forward to addressing the challenges and opportunities arising from the eventful industry within the city. In order to meet the module learning outcome, the research will also expound and analyze the emerging market trends as a result of arts and culture in Southwark in comparison to other cities in the world.
In world history, the UK has overseen the development of major cities that possess an ancient history. Most cities in the UK have been into existence for many centuries apart from very few ones. London Borough of Southwark became into existence after the London Government Act signed in 1963. The city was established in 1965 after a combination of three councils that included Camberwell, Bermondsey, and Southwark. Over the past 5 decades, the city has transformed into a major event that is characterized by different cultural backgrounds from several communities who have been the inhabitants. The whites, the black Caribbean and Africans are the main occupants with whites dominating more than half the population.
The city is known to possess a rich history which is embedded in the historical background over many centuries. Remains of three remarkable theatres which included Globe, Rose, and Bridge are still monumental marking the intrinsic feature of Southwark. The history of the country is kept and well preserved in the historical museums ranging from the old to the new build or regenerated museum like Tate Modern which by history is regarded as the biggest Art Center in the UK. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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