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Prehistoric and Post Modern eras development of events/Supply and Demand factors in the UK - Essay Example

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The second part of the project will identify and explain the key demand and supply factors that strengthen the UK events industry. The first part signified as PART I will be highlighting about…
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Prehistoric and Post Modern eras development of events/Supply and Demand factors in the UK
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Extract of sample "Prehistoric and Post Modern eras development of events/Supply and Demand factors in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages According to Bowdin events are the yardsticks of our lives. Before getting into deep lets define events. An Event can be defined or described as a situation where an organization makes itself present in front of the target audience or viewers. Nevertheless events can be also defined in accordance with the type of events, the industry from which the users come from and even on the basis of the market coverage (Businesstourismpartnership, 2010). To cite an instance events are sometimes defined on the basis of international and domestic market. Hence from an overall point of view it is difficult task to exactly define the events industry. In general there are various types of events. Some of the noteworthy forms of events are company meetings, trade shows, meeting face to face, events pertaining to corporate hospitality, and also various Public Relations (PR) events (Goldblatt, 2004, p.5-6).
The history of the events industry dates back to the prehistoric times. The concept of events was first instigated in United Kingdom. From that era it was signified as one of the most astonishing diversified business. Over the last ten years the events industry has witnessed colossal growths and the fragmentation level is also high. Presently UK consists of around 2700 establishments. The events industry of UK presents the country with the opportunity to make UK as the global business destination. Hence it is also responsible for creating business opportunities for the local firms which leads to an increase in the network research and the international business. Since the time of its conceptualization, the growth of event industry is continuous, but in the post modern era, after the recent economic downturn and the great depression, growth slowed to a large extent (Connelly, 2008). Nonetheless prior to the global downturn, the industry was experiencing strong growths. Even it was successful in outpacing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prehistoric and Post Modern Eras Development of events/Supply and Essay.
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