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31 years ago in 1984, Pepsi invited Michael Jackson to star a well-known commercial for Pepsi Company called “Pepsi Generation.” This commercial made such…
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Pepsi Generation
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Pepsi Generation --- What Behind the Super Stars Pepsi as one of the most famous and leading beverage & food companies in the world has its ads always in the public eye. 31 years ago in 1984, Pepsi invited Michael Jackson to star a well-known commercial for Pepsi Company called “Pepsi Generation.” This commercial made such a huge impact that “Michael Jackson, the theme to ‘Billie Jean’ and a phenomenal blend of marketing and entertainment drove the Pepsi brand to the pinnacle of contemporary culture” (John, 2011). Apparently, we cannot say Michael Jackson himself led to the glory of Pepsi Company alone, but he definitely played a key role.
In this commercial there are some kids dancing Michael Jackson’s dance steps with background music “Pepsi Generation”. When they are playing the dance the leading boy accidentally runs into Michael’s back. He is obviously shocked because he just saw his super idol surprisingly. Then this boy continues to dance with Michael, holding a can of Pepsi. In the end, these kids say goodbye to Michael with satisfaction. This commercial could succeed due to several reasons.
The leading role in the commercial is played by Michael Jackson. Michael was the hottest and most symbolic star at that time. His presence was already a success for Pepsi. His dance, song, and fashion were all the trends young people chased for in the 1980s. He even reworked “Billie Jean” and named “Pepsi Generation” in the ad. Michael Jackson, his friends, and street kids dancing with “Pepsi Generation”, this scene makes Michael Jackson culture more into a fitted Pepsi commercial. Compared to using “Billie Jean” directly, the reworked song was more inspiring, catchy and suitable for commercial theme. Moreover, people who were influenced by this ad at that time will remind of Pepsi even when they heard of “Billie Jean”. From a costumers’ view, Michael Jackson was closely connected with Pepsi. Due to the superstars influence, Pepsi benefited from it greatly in the long run.
The story in the commercial itself was a catchy one. These kids are big fans of Michael Jackson and all they can do is mimic Michael’s dance even though they may not able to afford his concert tickets or his CDs. However, when they are drinking Pepsi coke and dancing, they met Michael Jackson in person and even started dancing with him. That was such a huge surprise for them. Personally speaking I also have a super idol. Imagine one day I meet him on the street and even dance with him. I will definitely be crazy about it and never forget it in my life. It seems like Pepsi gives people the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Kids’ mind are simple, they are pure, wonderful and beautiful. This commercial combines kids with Michael, also reveals Michael’s easy-going and innocent personality. I believe everyone whom saw this commercial would have same feeling as me. Perhaps Pepsi stands for miracle, while it can help us pursue our dreams.
Michael Jackson brought endless benefits for Pepsi Company undoubtedly. He is a culture sign in last century at America. His artistic achievements are so amazing that almost no one can compete with him. In China, he represents supreme star and the only one. As you can tell how many big fans follow him firmly. I believe if I were one of them and my idol represents for a brand, I would never buy its competitive brand’s products in order to support him. Overall, “Pepsi Generation” was an amazing commercial that used a creative way to show Pepsi’s brand culture and impressed people heavily.

John (2011). Whatever Happened to the Pepsi Generation? Retrieved January 26, 2015 from Read More
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