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Cell Sat - Essay Example

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A CellSat satellite provides critical voice and data services for regions which are not served by other communication networks. A highly secure and…
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Cell Sat
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Download file to see previous pages Calls whose orbits are a lot of times higher than normal satellites, are also known as geosynchronous satellites, offer no time delay in the voice and almost no echo effect. So to achieve this satellite phone will be using Low Earth orbiting satellites.
CellSat will be designed on path diversity architecture which offers overlapping satellite coverage, so that any call can be made available to be handle from many satellites in any location. This will result in fewer dropped calls.
Motivation is any need that an individual seeks to satisfy. Before becoming a motive, it has to have intense stimulation or arousal. The motives are classifies as biogenic and psychogenic needs. Biogenic needs are need for drinks, sex and bodily comfort. Psychogenic needs are psychological needs which are also known as secondary needs, such as the need for nurturing, independence and achievement. Motivation can also be described as wanting like someone, which is why companies hire celebrities so that the consumers can be attracted towards them, and be motivated to buy that product. For instance David Beckham appeals to the youngsters and he is a brand ambassador of a lot of products. It is because of him that people buy the products, may be because they want to be like him. It is one of the psychogenic needs (Stein)Companies around the world spend billions of dollars for making a tagline and the right message for their products since motivation and perceptions influence consumer behavior in many ways.
For a consumer market, anything can be a motivational factor. Like promoting a product through celebrities, is one of the most important motivational factor these days.. For any market, especially the UK market, Celebrities likely David Beckham can be a lot appealing to the youth market while those like Stephen Fry appeal to the more scholarly and discerning people.
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