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The paper “Michael Jackson: The King of Pop” looks at Michael Joseph Jackson who was born in Gary on 29 August 1958 to middle-class African-American couple Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Michael was the couple’s eighth child. Music was a regular feature in the Jackson home…
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Michael Jackson: The King of Pop
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Download file to see previous pages The most reputed African-American singer of all time is the man who was alive until less than six months ago – the legendary singer and songwriter, Michael Jackson.
Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary {Indiana, United States} on 29 August 1958 to middle-class African-American couple Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Michael was the couple’s eighth child {they had 10 children in all} (Campbell 9).
Music was a regular feature in the Jackson home. Joseph was an accomplished guitarist who played in a band named The Falcons during the early stages of the couple’s marriage (Campbell 10). However, as his family grew in size, Joseph was forced to give less attention to his musical ambitions and take up a job as a crane operator (The Biography Channel). His wife Katherine too took up a part-time job at Sears to boost the family finances. The couple however made it a habit to indulge in sing-a-longs, especially on country and western songs, with their children at home (Campbell 10). This gave the Jackson children a solid platform from which they launched their famous musical careers, first embarking on their maiden venture – the Jackson Five.
Formed in 1964, the Jackson Five comprised the three oldest children – Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine – along with Marlon {aged 6} and Michael {aged 5}. Joseph, living out his dream of achieving fame through his children, made them rehearse for several hours daily while still finishing their school homework and maintaining reasonably good grades, but giving no time for play or other leisure activities (Campbell 10&11). The Jackson Five started joining local talent competitions where they enacted songs by artists like Gladys Knight and James Brown. They also recorded their maiden single entitled Big Boy/You’ve Changed, but it did not evoke much interest. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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