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Critically assess the proposition that Celebrity is bad for celebrities by examining (a) Michael Jackson - Essay Example

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It is a fact that media broadcasts may contain information which is potentially harmful to the wellbeing and potential success of…
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Critically assess the proposition that Celebrity is bad for celebrities by examining (a) Michael Jackson
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Extract of sample "Critically assess the proposition that Celebrity is bad for celebrities by examining (a) Michael Jackson"

Download file to see previous pages Media law also binds traditional news sources to a huge extent and it is unlikely that inappropriate material could be published and broadcasted through these types of sources. The frequency at which news coverage of a particular celebrity is circulated does play a huge role on the popularity and notoriousness of the celebrity and it does help to gauge how it does affect their future performance and sustainability. (Rockwell, 2004)
“A method that is exploratory and interrogative in nature and predictive in intent”. Unlike researchers and media professionals who are able to use empirical methods and experiment for generating media report, content analysts are able to analyze data, printed matter, images and sounds to understand why they are important to people and how they present the information which is conveyed to them. The core function of content analysis is extremely valuable in this context because it results in demonstrating the extent to which occurrences information regarding celebrities can be investigated. The number of instances in which a certain type of information is broadcasted can serve as an indication of how the media is able to influence the life or personalities and it also assists in recognizing and understanding their personal matter. It is also believed that the content which has been presented by commercial media does offer the most authentic and most reliable news. It is also a reliable source which can help to examine the effects of the media on negative and unlikely celebrity behavior. (Semuels, 2007)
It is evident that entertainment and also traditional media outlets include celebrity news on their web pages. There is always a deficit between the information which could be potentially harmful information and information which is genuine and authentic. This difference may not be huge and does prove the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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