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State of the News Industry in the UK: The Guardian Newspaper - Essay Example

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This paper will look to determine the state of the newspaper industry in the UK with a particular focus on a case study of the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian is arguably the most popular newspaper in the UK commanding the largest share of the country’s newspaper readership…
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State of the News Industry in the UK: The Guardian Newspaper
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Extract of sample "State of the News Industry in the UK: The Guardian Newspaper"

Download file to see previous pages Majority of the newspapers are dailies and this category mainly handles the local, national and even the international news. Typically, dailies are distributed in the early mornings and in some cases, some have an evening edition. Weeklies, on the other hand, are mainly local and are thus distributed in smaller regions. Special interest newspapers handle news and information targeting a specific population section, usually based on the ethnic, religious or social divide. In some cases, the special interest newspapers can target a part of a population interested in certain topics such as business, health, and sports among other areas.
Newspaper production involves several processes before it can get to the reader who is the final consumer. The reporters obtain the relevant and attractive information on various topics as outlined above. The editors, upon receiving the raw information, make editions and compile the information to the preferred format, style, and length. The final work is then printed before being circulated and delivered to the readers through the distribution channels and points. Today, this process has been made easier due to the advancement in the information technology through the computerized systems of production. The advancements have led to increased quality of newspapers available today especially through the creation of colored graphics and pictures that have improved the general attractiveness of the print media.
In the UK, there are numerous newspaper provider firms, with some the most popular including the Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, the Sun, the Independent and the Daily Mirror among others.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assess the State of the News Industry through a Case Study of a Essay.
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