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Bbc story - Essay Example

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The importance of news cannot be denied in our lives, and it is not wrong to state that the news industry could be considered as one of the earliest industries to establish and it has flourished phenomenally over centuries. A few decades ago, there were not many ways of getting…
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Bbc story
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Extract of sample "Bbc story"

BBC, Guardian, and Times BBC, Guardian, and Times The importance of news cannot be denied inour lives, and it is not wrong to state that the news industry could be considered as one of the earliest industries to establish and it has flourished phenomenally over centuries. A few decades ago, there were not many ways of getting daily news and newspapers were considered to be an essential part of daily life. Presently, BBC News, Guardian, and Times are the leading companies in the news industry. BBC world news reached a record of 330 million households around the world in the year 2012 (BBC News, 2012). Guardian news and Times have a monthly reach of 9.6 and 7.9 million respectively (The Guardian, 2012).
However, due to the advancement in technology, there are many options for people to select from the sources of news. Besides TV, radio, and newspapers, there is now internet which provides the latest news at any given time of the day free of cost. This increasing trend has forced the companies to focus just as much on their online presence. The newspaper industry is losing audience to the internet as people are no longer willing to pay for news that they can easily access online for free. Thus, in order to survive, the news companies are not spending big amount to maintain audience both online and offline.
A different strategy was adopted by all three of the news companies to compete with each other. BBC was quick in coming up with an online strategy given its vast audience. The company soon announced its decision to go “digital” under the leadership of Entwistle. The introduction of iPlayer proved to be quite successful both, for the network as well as the VOD market (Andrews, 2012). The main strategy of the company was to focus on vision, audio and music, and digital future media division (Andrews, 2012). The global audience for BBC online is estimated to be 30 million (Horrocks, 2012).
Guardian, on the other hand, completely embraced the online media and decided to become “a digital-first organization” in 2011 (The Guardian, 2011). The company announced that it will be posting complete material online and increase its investment in maintaining audience online as it is the future’s demand. The company is now focusing on reaching out to more people through internet and mobile phones and make efforts to improve its digital services since the entire newspaper industry has been suffering due to this major shift in use preferences (The Guardian, 2011). The guardian is presently the fifth most visited news site in the world with over 30 million online readers (Holiday, 2011).
The Times, however, has taken a different perspective in mind. Given that online users are less likely to pay for material which can be accessed for free, the company adopted a strategy to charge only the loyal customers, i.e. customers that read more than 20 articles. The company has announced a number of packages for subscription for iPad, mobiles phones, and web access. This way the company will not drive away customers who are not frequent users while the loyal group will be charged to access more articles (Peters, 2011).
All three of the above mentioned companies have taken a very different approach in order to survive in the industry. The changing user preferences have made it necessary for the newspaper companies to come up with new innovative ideas so that they can face challenges resulting from the changing environment. All three companies have been able to survive possibly the worst decade for the newspaper industry and in order to stay in business, they must continue maintaining their online presence.
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