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Diverse Britain - Essay Example

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Diverse Britain Introduction Ethnic minorities constitute 6.5% or 3.7 million people of the British population as per the last census. UK is dedicated to the ethnic diversity since early nineteenth century when trade brought Indian and Chinese traders to the shore of Great Britain…
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Diverse Britain
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Extract of sample "Diverse Britain"

Download file to see previous pages A list is long but important thing is that rule and laws gave them equal rights who settled in UK regardless of their ethnicity, race and culture. (Ethnic Diversity) Some of the demographic features of ethnic diversity in UK are worth enumerating. Ethnicity Population Proportion in total UK population Bangladeshi 283,063 0.5% Black (others) &000000000009758500000097,585 0.2% Black African &0000000000485277000000485,277 0.8% Black Caribbean &0000000000565876000000565,876 1.0% Chinese &0000000000247403000000247,403 0.4% Indian &00000000010534110000001,053,411 1.8% Mixed race &0000000000677117000000677,117 1.2% Other &0000000000230615000000230,615 0.4% Other Asian (non-Chinese) &0000000000247644000000247,644 0.4% Pakistani &0000000000747285000000747,285 1.3% White &000000005415389800000054,153,898 92.1% Source: It will be most interesting now to see how media people respond to the notions of ethnic diversity in UK. Reports from Print Media Murrells (2011) in The Guardian reports under the heading ‘Preston's Nathan Ellington claims he was racially abused at Millwall’. Nathan Ellington claimed he had a worst racial humiliation of his life at Millwall. "I've never seen a more racist and abusive crowd as I saw today at Millwall! Disgrace to the human race." Murrells (2011) further writes quoting Ellington, “I didn't bite or report it, it's just sad really that there are still people with so much anger at a football match." (Murrells, 2011) Ellington further said that he was inflicted with a remark of thief and targeted of monkey noises as reported in the paper. It is really surprising that such a celebrity player has to face such hostile remarks particularly, when Nathan is British born. It was simply not a club rivalry but something more than that. “Commercials represent only 5% of TV ads featuring ethnic minorities” (Sweney, 2011) With above title a report published in The Guardian in its issue of 21 April 2011. Subject of the report was that only 5% of the 35,000 ads were involved with the actors from black or other ethnic community. The report prepared by Clearcast mentioned that TV advertising is not proportionately representing blacks in view of the fact that Asian, Black and other ethnic minorities constitute about 13 percent of the UK population. Issue of ethnicity and belonging to black community still prevents one doing significant role in television commercials. Otherwise, how can one explain such a low level of participation in the ad business? It seems that it will take years before any racial discrimination is totally eliminated and participation of the other ethnic community sharply increases. The report further said that only 1130 ads were such that when any actor of ethnic minority group was given a main role. It means that commercials are not appropriately representing the diverse makeup of the UK. (Sweney, 2011) “Your tribe need to behave like proper English children: What BBC's Mishal Husain was told by shopper in supermarket.” (Jarvis, 2011) Above heading appeared in Daily Mail in its issue of 8th May, 2011. The children of BBC news reporter Mishal Husain were told to behave ‘like proper English children’ when she visited a mall in Waitrose for shopping along with her three children and husband. Ms Husain is the upcoming star of BBC News. She is born and brought up in UK though her parents belong to Pakistan. Even BBC1’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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