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As multinational companies (MNCs) in the hospitality industry, like Marriott International, plan to expand globally, one of the major tasks they have to carry out is identifying a market entry strategy for a specific host country. Because of cultural, legal, social, economic,…
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Term Paper One
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Download file to see previous pages formulate their general HR strategy and then how such will influence their international recruitment strategy and what HR processes and policies they attempt to transfer.
Obviously, Marriott International seeks to sustain and create a level of stability in their practices of managing people globally. The company knows that in order to be successful in the UK, it may also have to adjust its HR policies and practices to the particular regulatory, social, and economic conditions of the host country. Increasing regulation and economic instability are determined as two of the most difficult challenges confronting Marriott International in the UK (Nickson, 2013). This paper evaluates the key features of the equality and diversity policy of Marriott International, and critically examines the challenges in operationalizing the policy and the approaches which could be taken to ensure effective implementation.
With roughly 133,000 employees across the globe, making up a broad array of cultural experiences, knowledge, and backgrounds, Marriott is thriving by willingly and committedly accepting and nurturing the diversity of its labour force (Clarke & Chen, 2009, p. 253). Consequently, Marriott has received numerous awards and recognitions for their initiatives to foster a diverse workforce, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award granted to the company in 2005 by the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality. Their attempts to nurture a diverse labour force undoubtedly established their general reputation as one of the most respected firms in America (Clarke & Chen, 2009). Not like numerous less profitable companies, an important part of Marriott’s strategy is that diversity concerns are not tackled merely by a separate, independent program that suggests detaching diversity concerns from the core features of the company. Hence, diversity is not only a matter of acquiring a culturally diverse workforce, but in looking for ways to incorporate and apply such diversity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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