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Requirements for the Front-Desk Services in JW Marriott Hotel - Essay Example

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The report is based on establishing the initial understanding of specific requirements for the front-desk services in JW Marriott hotel and improvement of the service by implementing Just in Time (JIT) philosophy, introducing electronic pad within the workplace…
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Requirements for the Front-Desk Services in JW Marriott Hotel
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Extract of sample "Requirements for the Front-Desk Services in JW Marriott Hotel"

Download file to see previous pages The report intends to understand the service design procedure along with service design specification for the new technology. Service design is based on developing services for visitors, which is simple to use. It covers the activities, decisions, and responsibilities of employees. Service design is also concerned with providing value to the visitors and to guaranty that they obtain satisfactory experiences with the desired outcomes. In this research, the service design procedure has been used in order to develop the front-desk service of JW Marriott. Furthermore, the idea of introducing electronic pad for better guest services has also been described in the research based on the vision that the introduction of new technology can assist in customizing the specific requirements of visitors. Thus, it will help the front-desk employees to conduct various activities effectively such as reserving a table in proper time or delivering cleaning services as well as managing check-ins and checkouts of guests among others in a time-efficient and error-free manner. Furthermore, the new technology is also aimed to attract guests to observe the facilities of JW Marriott. In order to make the report, the qualitative method has been followed. To be noted in this regard, the reason for using qualitative method is to gain complex understanding about service element required for JW Marriott when integrating the electronic pad system to enhance error-free and time efficient communication system of its various departments with the front-desk service providers. Furthermore, the qualitative method can also be stated as most suitable for the report, as the information regarding JIT cannot be obtained well through quantitative techniques. Secondary sources have been used accordingly, in order to collect information through desk research. The secondary data provided rich sources of information for understanding the subject requirements and thereby, ensuring quality and validity of the research findings. Data from various organizations involved in the implementation of the JIT system has also been used for collecting information in this study. Furthermore, in order to make the report reliable, only journals, books, academic sources and other credible sources have been used. Evidently, such sources have provided valuable information about service improvement through JIT. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Requirements for the Front-Desk Services in JW Marriott Hotel Essay.
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