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“It has come to our attention that international students are having a problem with registering in non-accredited institutions in the U.S that later do not offer recognized programs”, said the chairman. We are therefore encouraging the students to make a conclusive research…
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Public affair class media material plan
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International Affairs Office U.S Depertment of Education FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 30, Departmentof International Students
“It has come to our attention that international students are having a problem with registering in non-accredited institutions in the U.S that later do not offer recognized programs”, said the chairman. We are therefore encouraging the students to make a conclusive research before registering in any institution. Students should ensure that they consult before starting the programs and we advise them to contact the Department of International student on information that relates to the colleges or institutions they wish to attend. We believe the students bear the utmost responsibility since they make the individual choices depending on their preference. A committee member reckoned that, “the international students form a huge part and we are conscious of their different problems and they should therefore feel encouraged and safe while applying for courses in the United States”.
“The main reason for this press release is to address the problem of online courses that are increasing radically” added another committee member. It is challenging for the department to control the number of colleges that are advertising for international courses online since we do not have control or access to the information that is released to people all over the world. In this regard we are therefore, looking for ways to control the number of these adverts over the internet and engage other government department to help in curbing the problem. The Department of International Students has received these complaints from citizens currently in the United States and in other parts of the world. We want to reiterate that although it is possible to control the problem within the country the same cannot be replicated in other parts of the world. This is because some of the messages the students receive are scams and they may originate from the home country. We are advising all students that although the terms and conditions for some and not all of these institutions may seem credible it is advisable if they could contact us so that we can get the information and relay to them whether it’s credible or not.We are looking to engage other student bodies and organizations in other countries to get their view on the methods that they use to eradicate the problem and see what we as a department can use to help the students. “However, as aforementioned, the student bears the highest responsibility since they make the independent choices on the best courses that are in line with their abilities and interests”, concluded the chairman.
For international students interested in studying in the United States, visit,
About Education USA
Education USA is a network of hundreds of advising centers in 170 countries, where millions of international students each year find accurate, comprehensive, and current information about how to apply to accredited U.S. colleges and universities. The Education USA network is supported by the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), which strives to foster mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Education USA advisers and staff work with U.S. higher education professionals to promote international student enrollment. Education USA also helps promote study abroad opportunities for U.S. citizens. U.S. and international students alike can prepare for leadership roles in todays world through an international education.
Contacts Information:
Public Communication Division
PA/PL, Rm. 2206
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20520
Audio News Releases: Registering for Institutions in the U.S
Organization: Department of International Students
Title: Registering for Institutions in the U.S
Description: the Department of International Studentsgives guidance on
registering with accredited institutions in the U.S
Length 60 seconds
Keywords: accredited institutions, recognized institutions, students
ANR Script:It has come to the attention of the department of international students that students are having problems while registering ending up in non-accredited institutions that offer non-recognized programs. Students are therefore advised to make consultations with the department of international students before registering for courses.Students therefore, bear the responsibility of choices they make but should feel free to consult with the department of international students. The influx of online courses makes it difficult for the department to control the number of colleges that are offering international courses. The department of international students have received complaints from residents within the U.S and abroad and although the problem can be controlled within the country, it is hard to control in other countries as messages received are mostly scams. We are looking forward to engage other institutions and student bodies from other countries to enhance curbing the vice.However, students bear the greatest responsibility since they make independent choices on the best courses that are in line with their interests and abilities.
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