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What happens with the weed girl, Hannah and the boy who wants to gain her attention? The boy would do anything including being used as a slave to take the marijuana to…
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Story Response #3
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Love Question One Hi Jack! Question Two The story unfolds with two characters, an interesting part that sets us in motion of wanting to know more. What happens with the weed girl, Hannah and the boy who wants to gain her attention? The boy would do anything including being used as a slave to take the marijuana to another all in the name of love. These begin with the skiing that occurs during physical exercise lessons when the student drag behind and fall off the field only to wait and rejoin others during roll call time.
These are evident when the boy says he was curious not about the drug, but about Hannah. He fell in love with her reasons beyond her schoolwork and the fact that he thought she knew much despite her tender age of thirteen.
Question Three
At first, the story seemed confusing. Why was it that Hannah chose on this boy and not any other in the class? It is not clear that they are close friends in as much as he was willing to bend down rules so as to please Hannah who had caught his attention. It would be best preferred if the central character explain to him what the makeup kit entailed and to whom he was to take to. It was shocking when he later came to realize the Mick guy in the B-building was Hannah’s boyfriend. He realized he is an innocent culprit whom the teachers would not suspect quickly.
Question Four
Next time, if the boy would fall in love with a woman, I find it useful to lay down the intentions first and let the lady decide. These could best come out if only he told Hannah the real feelings, she would not have taken him for a friend been used to do dirty business in the name of a boyfriend who got arrested later. Read More
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Story Response #3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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