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War Dance response - Essay Example

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The question chosen for the purpose of this study is question number 3, whereby a thesis response was developed which was “human beings are unique as well as social animals, their membership in the groups and their relationship with other people is as important as their…
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War Dance response
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Download file to see previous pages The ability of human beings to invent fire portrays one of their major uniqueness. Fire was able to change the lives of human beings in numerous aspects which are still witnessed today. Unlike other animals, human beings have unique body structure. For example, they have opposable thumbs and have ability to communicate more efficiently and effectively using different means such as languages, signs, body movements to mention just but a few. Moreover, human beings have strong socials connections and have highly developed brains as compared to other animals/species. This can be substantiated by the fact that they have been able to make the entire world a global village through their creativity and innovation of communication information technology (Zhu and Dasheng, pp.34-35).
In addition to this, human beings are social animals; this argument may be substantiated by the fact that human beings like living together in social groups. They tend to live as community members rather than individuals human beings. For example, the emergence of cities is good evidence. Most people move from isolated places such as rural areas and move to cities to look for employment as well as socialize with other people. Based on the traditional human social structure, it can be observed that human beings are social animals. For example, they used to have families whereby, a man could decide to become a monogamous by marrying several wives and having numerous children’s. The family members stayed together in the same house (Zhu and Dasheng, pp.34-35).
The poems and stories in War Dance by Sherman Alexie display characters and relationship of various people. The first character that helps to support the stated argument is the narrator of the poem in War Dance. The seats with his father in a lonely room in a hospital after his father had undergone surgery on his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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