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Analysis Of The Shakira's Music - Essay Example

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The research "Analysis Of The Shakira's Music" is related to music discussion, the subject of the discussion is song “Loca” by Shakira. Besides the song, the author of the research makes a brief analysis of the whole career of Shakira as singer and songwriter…
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Analysis Of The Shakiras Music
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Download file to see previous pages Loca is based on the song by artist El Cata “Loca Con Su Tiguere.” Shakira molds the song in the area of instrumental music beat and some changes in the lyrics. Viewed from any angle Shakira is a trendsetter, she does loads of different things on a major scale and creates a unique fusion of contemporary merengue music, pop lyrics and rap over it and understands the power and charm of the female body and how to exploit it to advantage. She collaborates with Dizzee Rascal to produce this music video. Excellent results of this unique fusion… The effect of merengue music is made telling by Shakira. The word crazy is immortalized for depicting the love between the two lovers. Shakira invites her man with the hypnotic chorus, with British rapper Rascal to deliver a telling rap interlude, admits the love and pays tribute to the girl that he is enraptured. Shakira’s response should melt any lover’s heart when she seductively whispers the ultimate commitment that can be expected between the lovers, “Dance or die.” The vibe is catchy and vibrant. Shakira is known for her hip-shaking and moans. The video is a hit on the market, and Shakira is probably not aware, as to what a fine public relations gimmicks she introduces to prove that she is a fine market strategist as well. In a preview of the video shows Shakira roller-skating, riding a motorcycle without the helmet and dance with her hair-flowing, in a big fountain that is surrounded by fans. In the process, she stops the traffic and is likely to face possible fines for breaking the traffic rules and for shooting this part of the video in a public place without the permit. Shakira-the action-packed trend-setter: While engaging a number of extras in a movie, they need to be trained first and then paid. Shakira secures the real-life shots for her album with the above novel approach. In tune with the theme of the song, she dances in a water fountain inviting the attention of the passersby in her own style, the contours of her body must have been irresistible, and some of them join in the adventurous craziness, by jumping into the fountain. The location of the sexy dance is Barcelona’s well-known fountain at Pla de Palau. This provides a unique end-effect to the song as she remains surrounded by her fans, dancing in the open water. Thus, she spends the fun-filled day with the local residents. This is the reason why this video is a low-budget venture. The free-flow of the energy of her fans and the madness of Shakira makes it a unique combination. She is able to catch the spirit of the common music lover. This effort must have set the producers of the big-budget videos thinking. She performs the English version of “Loca” on 23rd September 2010 with David Letterman. For this version of the video, she is up to her novel antics again. She gets out of her car and performs “Loca” with two dancers on top of a car. The lyrics read ordinary but catchy and the results are due to the focus on rhythm. Even without a climax, the song yet retains its popularity. Dominican slang is tough, one does not understand many words, and but it scores the total effect. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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