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The hamsters are suitable for the ad as they are known for their agility and dancing abilities. The message is encoded in a very good way ; there is connection between the visual and verbal elements e.g. when the hamster dives into the…
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Wacth video and then answer the question
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Ad analysis The source used in the ad is the hamsters. The hamsters are suitable for the ad as they are known for their agility and dancing abilities. The message is encoded in a very good way ; there is connection between the visual and verbal elements e.g. when the hamster dives into the water, the sound in the background is accordingly adjusted to give it the effect as if it is being heard inside the water. The communication channel in which the ad was placed was broadcast media which is nonpersonal type of channel. This medium was chosen by the advertiser because of its remote connection with 2013 Superbowl that would be shown over the television. Also, the hamsters carry a few extra pounds that they need to shed. The ad is particularly suitable in context of the 2013 Superbowl as it encompasses the motivation needed to get in shape as reflected in the hamsters. Football players in particular and the audience at large, moved by the spirit of the 2013 Superbowl can identify with the hamsters. The target audience for the product i.e. the new Kia Soul is the football players and football lovers. Generally, the ad is directed at the elite of the society. This is signified by the way the hamsters step out of the Kia Soul and dazzle over the red carpet in their newly shaped physiques. My overall opinion about this ad is that it is a wonderful ad placed in the appropriate channel and released at perfect time. I would suggest showing a bit of unsuccessful attempt to become fit over the beach by the hamsters more. Read More
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