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Societal marketing orientation is a process whereby any given businesses assess the interest of its targeted consumer and delivers its product more efficiently and effectively than its competitors with the aim of benefiting its customer’s and the society at large. The video…
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Watch the video then answer the question
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Societal marketing orientation Introduction
Societal marketing orientation is a process whereby any given businesses assess the interest of its targeted consumer and delivers its product more efficiently and effectively than its competitors with the aim of benefiting its customer’s and the society at large. The video has a societal marketing orientation and is not just a market-oriented company that integrates a number of various environmental practices and gets it into its operations.
The Oxford dictionary defines the verb ‘care’ as ‘feel concern or interest; attach importance to something’. Therefore, each business needs to be interested in ‘something’. But what is this ‘something’ they or Profit? The answer is to ‘care’ for the society that is an important stakeholder for any business that cares all over the world. Jenipher with her opening speech tells us that each magazine and TV channel you open, tells you about the green living and the environmental family living, to be precise this can only be achieved when the issue of care is integrated. The guy who is talking in the video too is motivated to start the company with the aim of reaching people in the ministry and achieving a positive environmental agenda. It is great to see they put quality first when giving methods to approach to social responsibility. That means the issue of care is prioritized.
Not only does caring make you like a complete citizen but it boost the company’s image, brand and reputation in the eyes of those you are serving to your goods and services and the public at large. Partnering with the environmental factor like the wind energy makes everything environmental friendly. These guys are more into recycling their used product material and most occasions they are so conscious with the emission of CO2 in the environment. They plant more trees to counter the CO2 emitted into the environment thus keeping both the external and the internal environment clean to its workers and consumers at large.
In conclusion Most of the companies use social marketing as a way of differentiating themselves in the market. The company on the video, for instance, gives forth its product with a caution of the product not causing any harm to its customer. The male speaker terms that product that has an effect on the consumer as ‘unhealthy’. In fact, he terms it as ‘not sounding healthy’. To be precise, care should be the main goal for any company to its clients as it gives them an upper hand in the business environment. Good packaging, branding and pricing of the products matters a lot.
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Watch the Video Then Answer the Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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