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It advertises Chocolate products for other companies , and provides links for other online chocolat stores. Also it advertises for some online flower stores. This is the link:, please check it to…
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Online Video Marketing
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Topic:  Online Video Marketing Instructions: I have 2 ial Questions I need you to anwer them. It is not an essay structure. I have created a web site for Chocolate gifts and flowers. It advertises Chocolate products for other companies , and provides links for other online chocolat stores. Also it advertises for some online flower stores. This is the link:, please check it to understand the service it provides.
Our step now is to think about creating some online videos to promote for that website. and I need to answer the following questions:
1. Identify 3 online videos relating to the same product or service on your website. Discuss how effective you think each video is, in relation to generating interest and in generating visitors.
2.Produce a plan for a video for your product or service based on the 10x10x4 formula. Collect any required resources (eg. images) for use next week.
Identify 3 online videos relating to the same product:
1. The good aspect of this video ad comes from the following aspects which have been made very clear: firstly, information about the varied kinds of chocolates is given very clearly, secondly, the pricing has also been mentioned in the ad, thirdly there are clear instructions about personalising the delivery and in what all ways, fourthly, the name of the product (which is chocolate wedding favors) is repeatedly used in the advertisement.
However, one of the major shortcomings of this video is that nothing exciting or luring is happening in the ad. There is a same boring background used all throughout the ad with a fixed image usage. Moreover, having a male voice is not a very good idea, especially when it sounded more robotic. Generally female voice is best suited in advertisements. There was recurrent use of messages throughout the video which were the written format of whatever was spoken; this made the video look very annoying and it made me feel as if I was sitting in a class and a lecture was taking place.
Overall, the pertinent things about the site were loud and clear, but in order to reach the same, the person would have to hold his interest through the non-exciting, boring advertisement.
2. The idea of this video is very innovative. Keeping in mind that the most number of orders are placed by men for their female counterparts, the ad has been specifically designed to lure them. It has a title track which runs throughout and has been intelligently chosen to represent the customer’s feelings. Also there is an excellent use of still images with videos which makes it all very interesting.
However, one of the major setbacks is that the advertisement looks like a video of a love song with hints about publicity of chocolates. There is little to no use of information on the product and hardly once or twice does such information occur on the screen. Basically the product and services are not advertised properly.
Overall it would have been a brilliant advertisement had more information been given out.
3. The video featured in this link presents an interesting aspect to the idea of video advertisement. Unlike other video ads, this one focuses on different people from different genres who have varied tastes when it comes to chocolates. Via these people the video tries to lure people into buying chocolates by presenting the reasons and the people with whom the audience may identify them. At the bottom of each such page is the address of the site which provides/delivers that particular kind of chocolate, eg milk chocolate or raisins covered with chocolate etc.
However, the on of the major drawbacks here is that there is no sound in the video. The whole point in putting across a product via a video is to increase interaction; else the same job could have been done by use of simple images. So sound is very important to videos, the viewer tends to get bored easily otherwise, plus the message is not conveyed too well without any sound.
Top 10 questions which people ask:
1. How many kinds of chocolates are available?
2. What all flowers are available?
3. Are the chocolates milk chocolates or do you provide dark chocolates?
4. What are the charges?
5. Are the flowers fresh?
6. Where are you located?
7. Are these homemade chocolates?
8. What are the payment methods?
9. How can I place an order?
10. Do you have chocolates alone or chocolate coated products also, as in chocolate cakes, almond coated with chocolates etc.
Questions which clients should be asking
1. Whether quality goods are provided?
2. How do we protect our products from perishing?
3. Whether there is guarantee about their delivery?
4. If undelivered will clients get money refund?
5. What protection is available for flowers and chocolates from getting spoilt during delivery?
6. Whether we provide exotic flowers?
7. How much time does delivery of products take?
8. Whether you deliver in a certain marked area?
9. Do you offer discounts during festive season?
10. Will I get a notice on successful delivery?
The whole point of the 10X10X4 formula is to:
1. Identify what the customers are looking for from our product,
2. To choose the most frequently asked questions and
3. To shift the potential customers choice from other competitive sites to ours by providing extra information which we identify as the plus points of our site. This added information which will direct the customers and lure them away from other sites are the 10 questions which “they should be asking” or in other words, “which we want them to ask.”
Now, keeping in mind all the questions above, I think you’re over all video should have the following essentials:
1. It should have a fine mixture of still and moving images,
2. It should have a slow song which would be pertinent to the idea of sending a gift or it could also have a speaker (preferably a female) who could give out information about your product. Usually when we want an advertisement to hand out a lot of information about a product but at the same time we don’t want to make it lengthy and dull, it’s best to use a speaker as well as certain text running throughout the length of the video which are related to each other (i.e. what the speaker says should have a connection with the text that is appearing on screen, but the voice should not be in verbatim with the text. It should not seem as if somebody is reading out the text which appears on the screen)
3. The images should be related to context and unnecessary use of different images should be avoided. I have chosen certain images which seem visually more exciting than others. The List is produced at the end of this document.
4. Try to start the video with images of various kinds of products offered, the variety of chocolate and flowers available,
5. Keep the information about your services in regard to other sites to the end part of the video, as we do not want the customers to believe that we do not provide delivery via our site and merely redirect them to other sites. We want them to know that we provide services and also give information about services available in their area/location,
6. I think it would be a good idea if the name of the site is used more than once so that it sticks to the customer. What could be done, is also that the name of the site and the address constantly appears at the bottom of the video in a small font,
7. Kindly clearly indicate special offers and other added advantages of your service on the onset, so that the customer has reasons to get excited about the video.
What I feel would be a good video plan:
I feel that in order to lure varied people who would have different tastes when it comes to chocolates, your advertisement video should focus on chocolate gifts being sent to a family, wherein we focus on different members one at a time. We focus on the child first and give ideas about chocolates we have in store for him then, we move on to a teenager/ young adult who would have a different taste and provide info in regard to chocolates he might want to order/ receive as gift. Once this is handled we move to a young female, then onto a couple and finally the grandparents. The usefulness of this concept is that we can provide a lot of information about a lot of chocolates. The added advantage would be that a storyline would help hold the interest of viewers.If however, developing such a storyline with real persons would pose a problem, cartoon characters may be used. Images of people of different age groups may also be of help other than cartoons.
Chocolate gourmet online shop-
Perfection chocolates-
For change in screen- (can be downloaded from-
Pie of the tiger- Read More
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