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Watch vedio, answer the question - Coursework Example

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One of the most famous contemporary economists, Milton Friedman argued that the concept of moral responsibility must be related primarily to individuals and not to corporations since “a corporation is an artificial person and in this sense may have artificial…
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Watch vedio, answer the question
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Ethics and Moral Responsibility of Learning Ethics and Moral Responsibility One of the most famous contemporary economists, Milton Friedman argued that the concept of moral responsibility must be related primarily to individuals and not to corporations since “a corporation is an artificial person and in this sense may have artificial responsibilities, but ‘business’ as a whole cannot be said to have responsibilities, even in this vague sense” (Friedman, n.d). Friedman emphasized that any kind of business must first seek to increase profits as it corresponds to its basic principles, while the concept of moral responsibility must be applied to humans. Analyzing Friedman’s idea, one can provide one serious objection to it. In particular, given that the activity of the corporations has a direct impact on the lives of many people, they should be seen as agents of moral responsibility.
2. The Yes Men justifiably blamed Dow for not doing the right thing in Bhopal. The Corporation did not provide all the necessary treatment for the victims and did not compensate for all the losses they have suffered. In this regard, government agencies should monitor the work of corporations and individuals acting as moral agents. Despite the fact that various economists including Milton Friedman expressed the conviction that the market economy should be free from government influence and control, this theory has every reason to be considered incorrect. There should be a main controller since it allows maintaining the moral responsibility in society.
3. Yes, indeed, one can state that Dow values some lives - those of asbestos claimants in Texas more highly than others - Bhopalis, for example. Many recognize that the Bhopal tragedy was terrible. Nevertheless, despite the large number of victims, they claim that no production company can guarantee the absence of risk. Thus, the emphasis is not on the need to reduce the risk of tragedy, but on the fact that the risk in countries like India should be seen as quite a common phenomenon.
4. Indeed, Andy’s fraud was perceived negatively by the BBC reporter. This is largely due to the fact that his speech was considered a manifestation of cruelty against the people of Bhopal. Many of them became the victims of the terrible accident a few decades ago; they did not get a decent compensation for their losses and suffering. It took them many years to put up with this tragedy. It does not seem that the reporter protected the Corporation as he primarily focused on the fact that Andy gave people illusory hope and thus he made these people remember the horror of the tragedy.
5. Analyzing the work of the Yes Men, one can conclude that it can be extremely damaging to Dow Chemical as it can significantly impair the companys reputation worldwide. In this regard, one can say that they are not only liars but also thieves, to some extent. On the other hand, their work is extremely important for it promotes awareness of the role of moral responsibility in society. Not only people but also companies should pay attention to the moral responsibility, because it determines the existence of a harmonious and balanced society.
6. There are many problems that humanity must solve. In my opinion, it is possible to identify the following three major problems, namely the problem of hunger and lack of access to health care throughout the world, the destruction of rare species of animals, as well as environmental pollution. All three of these issues are extremely important, but the problem of hunger in the world should be seen as a priority. I believe that all countries should combine their efforts to solve the problem of hunger and lack of medical care in poor countries.
Friedman, M. (n.d.). The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits. University of Colorado. Retrieved from Read More
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