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The essay "A Summary of a Chapter Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation" outlines various aspects of a thesis or dissertation including preparation to present study results, the decision on content, determination of chapter organization, development of tables and revision…
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A Summary of a Chapter Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation
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A Summary of a Chapter A Summary of a Chapter Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: Chapter 17 Introduction In Chapterseventeen of the book, Joyner, Rouse, and Glatthorn, 2005, discuss what to mention in the fourth chapter of a dissertation. The chapter outlines various aspects of a thesis or dissertation including preparation to present study results, decision on content and chapter format, determination of chapter organization, development of tables and figures, writing introductory paragraph and first section, revision, and technology use in writing a thesis or dissertation.
Preparing to Present the Study Result
Before starting to write a chapter, researchers should first review study results and go over its analysis for accuracy. Secondly, if the researcher intends to use tables, he or she must review them and ensure the style is proper.
Deciding On the Contents and Format of the Chapter
The researcher must choose the content and format of chapter four. Next, determine the data that he is going to use in the tables. Finally, he has to decide if he will need any other illustration.
Organization of the Chapter
Researchers should develop a desired format for the study. He can organize it by hypotheses, by research question, research method, chronology, or variable. Formats applied should be consistent from the introduction to proceeding chapters.
Developing Tables and Figures
The researcher should present all datasets in tables and figures. Joyner, Rouse, and Glatthorn, 2005, emphasize on proper development of tables ad figures to show study results.
Writing the Introductory Paragraph
Introduction of chapter four should remind readers of the research problem and restate it in the first sentence. Similarly, an introductory paragraph should feature a sentence that gives a succinct overview of whole chapter.
Writing the First Section
Researcher should summarize study results by referring to tables. Researcher should state the evidence. However, when the writer states the narrative, part it only highlights the significant results. Using headings to attain proper chapter organization forms an imperative aspect of a thesis or dissertation.
Revising the Chapter
Revise the chapter before submission to the dissertation chair for review. Revising research is important to identify any errors in grammar and format in the chapter. A good thesis or dissertation should be free of grammar errors. It should be clear to the readers and easily understandable.
Creating Figures and Tables
Should the dissertation require tables or figures, the researcher must ensure he fully understands the programs applied such as word and spreadsheet. The writer then considers creating rows and columns of a table and makes a hard copy draft to ensure of size. Mention the table title and table number. The book outlines how a researcher can make a table on word and spreadsheet. Based on the information, the researcher can use whatever is suitable for him or her, provided the results are clear and accurate.
According to Joyner, Rouse, and Glatthorn, 2005, data analysis presentation is part of chapter four. Chapter Four, however, does not feature discussion of data analyzed. Instead, discussion of data analyzed should be part of the last chapter. Detailed mentioning of the results should be in one or several other chapters of the thesis or dissertation.
Glatthorn, A. A., Joyner, R. L., & Glatthorn, A. A. (2005). Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-By-Step Guide. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Read More
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