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Impact of Generation Y on Management Effectiveness in Organizations - Thesis Example

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract Acknowledgement CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Statement of the Problem Purpose of the Study Research Design Importance of the Study Scope and Limitation of the Study Definition of terms Generation Y Company / Corporation Employee performance Human Resource Management Human Capital Human Resource Advantage Technology Dependency Organization Organization of the Remainder of the Study CHAPTER 2…
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Impact of Generation Y on Management Effectiveness in Organizations
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Extract of sample "Impact of Generation Y on Management Effectiveness in Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF GEENRATION Y Strategies used for Generation Y employee management Managerial Problems with Generation Y Strategies to improve performance CHAPTER 5. RESEARCH DESIGN Research Question/Problem Statement Research Approach Research Methodology Secondary Analysis of Data – Significance and Relevance to the Research Objective Basis for Data Analysis CHAPTER 6. FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS Key findings of the study Interpretation and Analysis of Research Findings Discussion of Main Issue CHAPTER 7. CONCLUSIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS, AND AREAS REQUIRING FURTHER RESEARCH Research Summary Conclusion Recommendations and Suggestion Areas Requiring Further Research APPENDIX REFERENCE LIST DETAILED OUTLINE CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION The chapter presents a concise overview to the entire research study. It introduces the topic of the dissertation and the approach selected for exploring the mentioned topic. The chapter allows having quick look at the whereabouts of the research study by describing the background of the issues selected for the study. The chapter explaining the main motive behind the research, the research objectives, methodology and the research approach. In this chapter the background of the research study is explained to provide an understanding about the topic of the dissertation. Moreover the problem definition and the research objectives further explain the intentions of the research study. The scope and limitation of the research, the significance of its topic and the expected contribution of the research study are also describes to explain the importance and scope of the research study topics. Furthermore the key concepts and terms are defined at the end of the chapter so that the reader can have understanding of all the related issues and concepts before going through the other chapters of the dissertation Statement of the Problem The statement of problem concisely tells about the main issue going to be explored in the study. It introduces the main objective and rationale of the research in single sentence to prove that the research work is well directed towards the attainment of a well defined objective. The statement of problem informs that the dissertation aims to have an insight over the issues and problems that the managers face in attaining satisfying level of employee performance due to increased dependency of generation Y upon the technological advancements. Purpose of the Study The section clearly states the main objectives of the research by listing out the specific purposes. It tells that the study aims to achieve three specific purposes including identification of the management problems in dealing with generation Y employees, identification of the alternatives that could resolve the issues and development of strategies for improving the performance of Generation Y employees. Research Design The section provides brief overview to the research design selected for conducting the study. It tells that research study is based upon qualitative approach where the information and data has been collected from different resources and analyzed to have detailed understanding and explanation of the issue. Importance of the Study The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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