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The Effectiveness of Diversity Management - Essay Example

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The paper essentially focuses on the practices of diversity management in the organization that would endeavour to reflect on the efficacy of such in creating a positive workforce culture. Diversity related to the workplace reflects on the inclusion of people pertaining to different gender…
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The Effectiveness of Diversity Management
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of Diversity Management"

Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that the objectives of diversity management in the workplace relate to the creation of a positive work environment that contributes in the mutual growth of the organization and the members involved. Similarly the objectives of organizational diversity also reflect on effectively collaborating the differences and likelihood of the perceptions of the different people to help achieve the organizational goals and business objectives. It thus works as a method aiming to synchronize the knowledge, experiences, expectations and the understanding of the different organizational members to arrive at a common solution that has a larger potential than business solutions generated on an individual level.
This paper highlights that the effectiveness of the diversity management in the workplace stems out from the fact that it contributes in promoting the growth and development at the individual level thereby helping the people to think and act in a creative and innovative fashion in the organization. Management of a diverse workforce in an organization also contributes in promoting the growth of teamwork such that it helps in the sharing of knowledge, experiences and thoughts between the different team members thereby enhancing their skills, expertise, motivation and confidence levels in meeting organizational objectives. Diversity management in the workplace is generated through the generation of training to the employees based on different languages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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