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Media Diary Analysis - Essay Example

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As a college student, I participate a lot in the media whether it is the cable television or the internet (which can be basically termed as the hub of most of the media information and data today). By Tuesday as the second day of the busy week I find myself participating in a…
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Media Diary Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages s, I also visit the i-tunes website/application where I listen to music as I dress and do a couple of my morning chores, which psyches me up for the good day ahead.
During the day, I only get chances to blog or chat in between classes, during breaks and after the classes in the evening. However, this is not usually a fixed schedule as sometimes the classes might not take long, during breaks I’m sometimes caught up with other activities like finishing assignments (that’s when I get to do the research part) or discussing trending issues in the fashion and celebrity world. When am in school, I am mostly engaged in the media sections that I can access through my mobile phone hence programs and movies are sometimes rare for me to watch or even download; however, for music I listen to and download frequently. In the evenings, I get to watch and follow the popular programs and shows courtesy of the cable network; additionally, it’s the only time that most of my friends are free in between the week so am always active in almost all the social websites through the facilitation of the multiple applications. After all the shows that I follow are done sometimes I get to watch movies either online through Netflix or some that I may have bought; furthermore, at times I treat myself to some shopping online.
During the weekend, most of my time is spent on the media since I do not get to go to school and most of my friends and relatives are also free or less busy; either from work or school also. The numbers of hours I spend on the media during the weekend are almost double those of the weekdays; my personal chores are the only things I partake in that do not involve the media. It is during this time that I get to catch up on the latest news that I missed during the week and engage in trends on the social sites, send pictures to family and friends, and do a little bit of shopping as I watch more programs and movies.
In this situation they are a few comparisons in the way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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