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Medea - Assignment Example

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The character Jason abandons his wife Medea and plans to settle down with the daughter of the king. The recent situation of treachery has broken down Medea emotionally and made her so upset…
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Extract of sample "Medea"

Medea INTRODUCTION The play opens with a situation of conflict amid the characters Jason and his wife Medea. The character Jason abandons his wife Medea and plans to settle down with the daughter of the king. The recent situation of treachery has broken down Medea emotionally and made her so upset that she has been cursing her own existence as well as that of her two children. This irrational behavior of her husband makes Medea devastated and hence she develops a sign of revenge in her mind. The play proceeds following lot of conspiracy and finally concludes with death as well as disparity. With several instances of conflict the play moves ahead through a number of death, sorrow and finally lead to a tragic end with Jason losing everything (Tigane 7-15).
The assignment examines how different characters of the play fail to meet the criteria mentioned in Aristotle’s Golden Mean. Moreover, the assignment even elaborates the character as per Aristotle’s ethics as well as the Golden Mean. The failure of the characters to meet the ethics as specified in Aristotle’s Golden Mean has been effectively discussed in the paper.
Aristotle’s theory of Golden Mean elaborates on the basis of origin, measures and development of virtues important for the enhancement of happiness, which is considered to be the ultimate goal of human life. This happiness is desired solely for oneself and has nothing to do with the material pleasures and possessions. The golden mean even elaborates on the fact that many people are of the opinion that the material possessions can bring ultimate happiness. Observably, Aristotle’s ethics are based strongly on theological as well as practical approaches, which define the wellbeing of human as a whole. The continuous acting in accordance to the virtues could be observed as a source of happiness that lasts longer and not just provide short term happiness.
The ethics is completely centered on the character of a person as it is the most important element that helps in developing the virtues. This development of the virtues leads to a long lived happiness. Accordingly, it can be justified that ethics helps in developing the human character such that the person will be able to enhance their style of living and draw pleasure and happiness from their life. Moreover, ethics helps to identify the different characteristics that are present in one individual and that helps in developing the happiness throughout the life (Cunningham 5-15).
Medea. The character was so blind to take revenge on her husband that she was not even conscious of committing infanticide of her own children. The character of the lady was not well attributable with the ethics mentioned in the Aristotle’s Golden Mean. The lady was so indulged with her revenge that she could not even foresee the future of her children and pain she is likely to face in the long run (Cunningham 5-15).
Jason. The character left Medea in order to marry the king’s daughter and opted for the short term material pleasures. This led him to a tragic end and he lost all his beloved ones. Medea murdered their two children and fled away to take revenge on Jason’s treachery. The king and his daughter were poisoned as a result of conspiracy of Jason. Finally, to enjoy the short lived material happiness Jason could not foresee his long term happiness and lost everything (Cunningham 5-15).
Creon. The King of Corinth, Creon was so blind in his daughter’s love that he could not judge the correct person for his daughter. Moreover, this misjudgment of the short lived pleasure that the king opted for his daughter led to spoiling the long term happiness for them. The daughter was not happy with Jason who wanted to gain his own material pleasures. Finally, he conspired against the king as well as his daughter and murdered them. The character of Creon was also not aligned with the Golden Mean of Aristotle (Cunningham 5-15).
The characters of the play were not at all aligned with ethics and virtue mentioned in the Aristotle’s Golden Mean. The same could be well justified by analyzing the central character, who is so inclined towards material pleasures and hence could not analyze the long term happiness. Moreover, the prime character Medea was so insensible that she only focused on revenge and could not even judge her act of violence. Furthermore, she was also irascible and hence acted unethically with her children and even did not care to kill them only to take revenge on her husband. Jason’s shamelessness also depicted the attitude that was not completely aligned with Aristotle’s Golden Mean, which led to a continued situation of sorrow for the character. Thus, it could be concluded that none of the characters of the play Medea was aligned with ethics suggested under the Golden Mean of Aristotle.
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Cunningham, Stanley B. “Getting It Right: Aristotle’s “Golden Mean” as Theory Deterioration.” Journal of Mass Media Ethics 14.1 (1999): 5-15. Print. Read More
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