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Developing skills of critical analysis - Essay Example

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The experimental study conducted by to evaluate the meaningfulness of the critical analysis skills in the education sector revealed very interesting facts.The texts chosen for the essay have been selected keeping in view the subject i.e.developing skills of critical analysis and focusing on the role of education in the development of these skills…
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Developing skills of critical analysis
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Extract of sample "Developing skills of critical analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The experimental study conducted by to evaluate the meaningfulness of the critical analysis skills in the education sector revealed very interesting facts.The texts chosen for the essay have been selected keeping in view the subject i.e.developing skills of critical analysis and focusing on the role of education in the development of these skills.In order to fully understand the relationship between the two, the sources of information I chose include journal articles, studies conducted by institutions and individuals and also research work on the importance of these skills and educations role in its development in the modern world today. (Doughty, 2007) in his study of the critical analysis skills, gives a very thorough knowledge on the subject, keeping in view the modern worlds requirements and also by focusing more on the educational aspect, that plays an important role in the development of these skills in the individuals. I believe the point of view presented in the study is good blend of both the basics of the critical analysis skills and explanation of educations impact in a good yet criticizing way, thus emphasizing on its relative importance. The techniques and alternatives described serve as a useful means to consider the developing of these skills at a large level and inculcating these skills in the students through education thus making a complete system. (Wallace, 2009) is an influential writer and has written many books for NASA. Her insight on the subject is very interesting as she provides a modern view on critical analysis skills. The discussion and views expressed in the article tend to focus on how individuals perceive information and how two different points of views are made and understood. This is where the importance of critical analysis and thinking is felt and realized that it is something which needs to be practiced and an individual needs to be skilled in it thus expressing his views in a more meaningful way. Moreover the point raised in the article is very prominent that like other skills that are measured and are thought to be meaningful, critical analysis skills should be given such importance as well. I agree with this point, that once the education system tries to adopt this approach, the individuals would be in a better position to practice these skills and this would help in their social up-bringing and overall betterment of the society as a whole. The study by (Facione, 1990) is a comprehensive report that concentrates on the importance of critical thinking and analysis skills using an appropriate research methodology and thus defining the skills requirement for critical analysis. The study also proposes recommendations as to how the education system can adopt certain methods and techniques so as to develop these skills and nurture the dispositions that can help in yielding positivity among the individual to inquire about their surroundings and interpret meaningful results. (Staff, 2005) gives a reasonable argument in the article that it is the educational philosophy and the student evaluation criteria in the education system that is not letting the skills of critical analysis being developed in students. It also discusses the importance of these skills for the students today and how the education system is affecting it, thus making the students suffer a great deal. The experimental study conducted by (Paul, Elder, & Bartell, 1995) to evaluate the meaningfulness of the critical analysis skills in the education sector revealed very interesting facts. The claims that the education sector should adopt measures for the development of the critical analysis skills in the students, the teachers themselves are not aware of the critical thinking and analysis skill. This definitely raises concerns that how the education system should be changed so that it becomes the practice, or norm in teaching. Developing skills of critical analysis Critical analysis is an important cognitive tool that is required in this modern world to be abreast with the world in contemplating ideas, assumptions, and actions in a reasonable and logical context. In this essay I would be discussing the importance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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