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Media and Privacy - the Massacre That Shocked the World - Essay Example

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This essay "Media and Privacy - the Massacre That Shocked the World" highlights one of the most dreadful accounts of crimes carried in daylight in a school and the associated role of media to answer the “Why” behind such a hideous crime – keeping in context the privacy of the party involved. …
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Media and Privacy - the Massacre That Shocked the World
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Download file to see previous pages Was transparency maintained in reporting? These are the questions that need to be answered when analyzing the case, apart from these questions,
What has been referred to as ‘Massacre at Langdale High’ transpired in Andersonville- a small town in the United States. The case of Langdale High involves two siblings named Jeffrey and Laura. Both of them had a pleasant childhood but soon things started to change. The case informs that the neighbours confirmed that both the siblings were friendly and warm during their childhood. However, in case of Laura, her disposition suddenly changed after her tenth birthday. She became quieter and withdrew herself from communications.
The reason was, when she turned ten, she was subjected to sexual harassment by her father periodically. This led to the formation of negative feelings inside her such as embarrassment and resentment. She did not engage in any social activity and isolated herself. She was limited to a close clique, whom she called her friends. She tried opting for drugs, in an attempt to find some solace but to her surprise, Laura found jotting her thought in her diary as more therapeutic and satisfactory.
In case of Jeffrey, he was a bright kid and celebrated his father as his superhero. He longed for his attention and wanted to share a close bond with him. He was aware of the fact that his sister was being sexually abused by the father every now and then Laura had complained to him several times, but he did not take any stance on his issue and chose to remain quiet. When Jeffrey turned 13, his family was abandoned by his father. This incident was a milestone in Jeffrey’s life and left him a changed person. He became bitter as a person and fell into glum depression. Weapons and ammunition started to lure him and. Many assumed that his rampage was because of the frustration that he felt.
This case informs of Sharyn Lassiter, who was the police and a court reporter at Andersonville Tribune. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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