Gun Control and Crime in US - Essay Example

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We are living in a time where comforts and technological advancements come with exceptions. On one side of our living where earning is becoming simpler, new inventions and technologies are making our lives better, we need to understand the fact that there are certain elements in society that cause havoc for our living…
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Gun Control and Crime in US
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Download file to see previous pages Having the knowledge of these issues, there seems a necessity for self-defense. There are Government bodies to help and assist at times of need. However, at that instance it is people, who need to take care of themselves. This was the reason for giving license to self defense gadgets. The Government bodies with intention to increase security and reduce crime rate started giving licenses to these gadgets, guns in particular. However, this decision should be critically examined. It is important to understand if guns for personal security have really decreased crime or have become a catalyst for crimes. This article critically examines the gun laws in the United States. It also addresses the issue whether guns have increased or decreased crime rate in United States. It focuses on some key events that urge changes to be made for future. A case study for the same is given. The later part of the article throws light on the possible alternates and suggestions to be incorporated to reduce crime, that is, gun control to reduce crime. The article tries to analyze the relation between gun control and crime in The United States and gives a possible solution for this situation.
Crime in United States is closely associated to gun violence and homicides. Crime rate is generally measured by the number of crimes reported per 100,000 people. (US justice stats, 2006) Crime rates have seen a sharp rise from the late 1960's.However recently the crime rate in United States is steady. A study revealed that the crime rate of United States as of 2005 is around 3991 per 100,000 residents. (US justice stats, 2006) Violent crimes in United States are much higher than other countries. Minorities, young and financially less favorable positioned are known to commit crimes. 6 out of the 17 known homicides in California in 2005 are by the poor. Around 35.3% of homicides took place here. (US justice stats, 2006) The year 2005 has recorded to be the safest in the past thirty years in United States history. Nearly 49% of murder victims were African Americans in 2005. It was recorded that 79% of murder victims throughout were males. (US justice stats, 2006)
Gun laws in United States are independent to every state. There are a few state level bans for guns like shot guns and rifles. License holders have permits and only a few states allow for an Inter state permit. Alabama does not address the issue of carry permits where as Alaska does give a provision for it (Kasler, 2000). California has the strictest laws in United States that bans guns that have a thumb hole stack, a flash suppressor etc (Harrott, 2001). Almost 60% of states have the carry permit law and others excepting a few have very convenient licensing strategies that can be misused.

Case Study: Hindering Crime or Causing Havoc
Guns were given to people in order to facilitate self-protection that is defense against anyone who attacks them. This was supposed to ensure safety to life and hindrance to crime. However the Million dollar question is the effectiveness of this act. The free hand given ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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