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Website plan for dairy farm (dairy cows) - Assignment Example

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With the technological advancement in the current fast growing world, the question of a business website for a company and the online platform cannot be avoided. This report is aimed at highlighting and evaluating the need for a website in the dairy cows business. As observed…
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Website plan for dairy farm (dairy cows)
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Download file to see previous pages This is done through the online platform which includes websites. Other businesses like the sports industry have prospered as well through such platforms. In the current economy and business world, most of the advertising and marketing procedures are done online through websites. Besides being a cheaper marketing alternative, this method is also very efficient in that it reaches a wider number of people. Most of the people are actively logging in and staying on online platforms than on the normal media like TVs. This makes use of internet and websites an appropriate and efficient way of business marketing.
This report focusses on the dairy cows business. This business is aimed at breeding the best dairy cattle for the purpose of production and selling milk. The dairy cows have already been purchased and are well taken care of. The cows are bred in a zero grazing architecture and feeds for the cows are purchased in large scale from wholesalers who also offer them at a given discount. The large scale purchase of feeds is a strategy to reduce production cost hence maximising profits. The market for the product (milk) is however a challenge to this business (Eckles, 2011). The marketing strategies currently used involve door to door campaigns, liaisons with daily products companies and advertising through posters which is a relatively expensive and less efficient method. The competitive factor for this business is that it is a large scale production hence much recognized by the general public and acquaintances than the other local milk producers. Distribution of dairy products from this business is done by agents who operate on motorbikes and some even use cars. Extra services to customers like door delivery makes this business a more preferred choice to its customers. It is for this reason that the company wants to increase its coverage by embracing the powerful online marketing and business operation platform (Pride, Hughes, & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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