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The author of the following essay "CNN News and Fox News" mentions that the world has turned digital and people do not have to tune to local television networks to receive news. Reportedly, this is because the internet has solved these entire problems…
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CNN News and Fox News
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CNN News and Fox News: Sunday 1st June, at 9:35pm Introduction The world has turned digital and people do not have to tune to local television networks to receive news. This is because the internet has solved these entire problems. By the click mobile phones and computers people have been able to receive all the latest news and briefings from all over the world. This paper compares news of CNN with Fox news and gives an explicit account of what is widely reported and the focus. The paper also monitors the nature of reporting in these two media websites.
CNN News and Fox News
Login into these two websites it is quite interesting to understand that the main focus is the international news and in this case it is about the US soldiers who had been held captive in Afghanistan being received by their families back home. President Obama is on the forefront in receiving the soldiers who had been held captive together with their families. It is easy to identify this story as the main story under attention due to the visuals. The picture of a Taliban sergeant is the most attractive and outstanding visual in both websites. The websites have managed to attract the audience’s attention by asking questions like, “who is Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl? This is for the case of CNN news (Hume). On the other hand, Fox news drops the bombshell and posts their top story as, “Taliban exchange POW for five Gitmo detainees” (OReilly). It is evident that these two posts are attractive and also synonymous by the fact of the picture of the Taliban Sgt. For the audience the main aim of reading this story would be to find out why this sergeant is so important that he is traded with five US soldiers? In addition to this, both websites have provided video links where audiences are able to watch the news live and follow it also on other social media like Facebook, Twitter and the rest.
Besides that it is also important to note that both websites have all the other news ranging from sports, weather, market, and even entertainment. For example, both websites have their top focus in sport news related to the preparation of the FIFA World cup that is just about to start in Brazil. Most importantly to note is that these websites have got very little space to report on the local news. Most of the focus has been directed to international news happening all over the world.
It is also worth noting that these websites have provided the audience with a chance to choose different languages which they feel suits them well. In addition to this, other links such as the radio live options have also been made available. Despite so many similarities it is also important to understand that various differences are visible from these websites. For example CNN website is well decorated with its normal red color which has also been known as its trademark color while Fox website is well decorated with blue color which is also its trademark.
From the above analysis, this paper concludes that media outlets are competing for the latest news as a way of informing their audiences about the latest occurrences. However, it is evident that most of the attention is not on the local news but any international news that is worth attracting the attention of the audiences.
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